Anybody else who I haven’t met are there any other guests here besides are you okay everybody else doesn’t thank you for being here happy Monday your neighbors say happy Monday have some fun these aren’t safe they have to right up here all right how many of you guys want to learn how to get some more energy say aye.

And 28 30% more about 50 60 % about 300% ah that’s impossible maybe maybe yes maybe no we’re gonna find you all right so how many of you guys have been to the advertising nutrition workshop before.

Couple of you guys okay how many of you guys have been to a workshop before raise your hands notice oh so I can see keep your hands up if you’ve been to five more workshops 10 or more workshops 20 30 40 Club 50 Club 65 70 club 80 Club 90 club owner Club hands went down it so 90 workshops that’s still.

Pretty good if you say everybody give them around understand now it’s it’s the learning culture we have.

A learning culture and a a culture of learning and growing when you stop learning you stop growing and you stop growing you all right oh yeah so it’s always gonna be constant.

Never-ending improvement you’re always gonna learn something new here it doesn’t matter if the name the title of the.

Workshop of the same you’re always going to learn something new tonight you’re gonna learn some.

New stuff you’re gonna see some new stuff I’m really excited to share this with you keep track if you don’t have one of these workshop cards it.

Tells you what’s coming up next month in April is cancer prevention and I can tell you that this is probably one of the most if not the most important workshop that you’ll be to all year how many of you guys know somebody.

Who’s been diagnosed with cancer or you’ve had friends family members yep so you may want to think about inviting.

That person here because if they’re still alive it could save their life because if they’ve had conventional treatment like chemotherapy and radiation chances are at some point they’re gonna have another visitation from it because what people don’t know is that when you use.

Conventional things like radiation and chemo to kill cancer you may kill the tumor but.

You don’t actually cure the cancer with the weakened part of that body is still right for another problem and it usually comes back if they make it within five years that’s still pretty good but somewhere between 10 and 15 years 100% of the time it comes back so please think about the people that need to be here.

Coming up it’s gonna be on the 16th of April dial it into your calendars all right so what are we gonna talk about today yeah it has one question yeah everybody’s here cancer everybody’s got cancer we have you know little cancer cells yeah but your immune system is what has to kill them off and so if you have a condition of a weak immune system or yeah you know poor lifestyle.

Choices is something different little things yeah cancer gets a foothold so we’re going to talk about that and we’ll really.

Peel back the layers on things like that absolutely so the biggest thing that I that I seek number one clinical complaint is what the waiter Jenna Jenna Matty I’m tired all the.


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