Feeling tired have you ever wondered where some people get their high energy levels you know the number one health complaint I hear from my patients is no energy approximately 90% of Americans have to drink multiple cups of coffee every day just to stay awake energy drinks only give your body a temporary jolt but eventually burn out important organs.

Like your thyroid adrenals in your heart and of course many of these energy drinks have been linked to stroke heart attack and even death this is doctor Dave Lee actor I just wanted to make sure that.

You were invited to register for our upcoming energizing nutrition workshop it’s coming up Monday March 19th at 6 o’clock and I’ll be showing you how to easily.

Energy by 30 to 40 percent how to create high amounts of energy all day long without the aid of artificial poisons you’ll learn the top energy producing strategies which are simple yet so powerful you know the bottom line is people with more energy can be more do more and have a more.

Fulfilling life this will truly be a life-changing event it’s coming up Monday March 19th at 6 o’clock seating is limited so please register yourself and your guests now call us at nine five four four seven two six zero zero two I look forward to seeing you there god bless.


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