Into sugar greens and I’m talking about wheat bread rye bread why because if you go over to Publix right now and you look at their freshly baked breads wheat.

Rye some of these other nice grits you’re gonna find hydrogenated oils and.

Most of them and all the chemicals that you have with the other breads so you’ve got to be careful you have to learn how to read the labels.

Which I’m going to point out in just a moment so so grains are sugar because they break down into sugar right it’s the same thing processed white flour and rich white rice white bread white potatoes so all of these things you know at some level when.

We’re looking to get on a healing diet or a.

Healing regimen that’s that’s what we should look at very very clear now that’s not to say that you can’t ever have a slice of white bread or wheat bread or you know go out for a nice pasta dish at your favorite restaurant I’m not.

Saying you can’t do that I’m saying you can do that every once in a blue moon but that’s once you know after you’ve cleaned up a little bit does that make sense so so to get results we have.

To take inventory of all this bad fats hydrogenated partially partially hydrogenated.

What are those and olive oil canola or yo I know it’s hard for some of you guys cut oil yeah so it’s in that Smart Balance stuff doctor you haven’t got smart balance it looks so smart you know it’s just kind of like the nutrigrain bars they look so healthy don’t get past reading the labels it’ll show you everything that you need right all right corn.

Oil canola oil margarine synthetic butters vegetable oil soybean oil so when you start reading labels you’ll see all these things in them and you know to do something else only oils that you should be really having me the avocado oil extra.

Virgin olive oil the coconut oil those oils or those are kosher those are good yes yes yes olive oil olive oil definitely yeah extra virgin olive oil yeah yeah I would.

Stick with the extra version yeah yeah you’re worth it you’re worth it you are yeah spend lavishly on yourself when it comes to good food okay I got one more question and then to write the rest down so that we could do a Q&A at the end is good what coconut oil yes butter and ghee as long as it’s brought grass-fed.

Yep and the rest of the questions we’re going to take at the end just so we can get through everything all right so all all of these things the sugars the.

Bad fats the toxins what do they do they create what acidity and inflammation acidity and inflammation at the cell membrane blocks the nutrients from entering in blocks the toxins from getting out blocks the hormone receptors and it can cause estrogen problems it can cause testosterone problems it can cost idroid problems all of your physiology gets thrown off at the cellular level right here it destroys energy production mitochondria can’t get the building blocks that they need to build ATP juice so this is live blood cell microscopy so you.

Can actually see blood cells on the left in a normal functioning alkaline environments and then the blood stream on the right you can see a little bit different that’s fermented blood right and look at this look at the cells now some of them are circular and then some of them have like a starburst pattern what is that that’s the destruction of the integrity of the cell wall that’s the that’s the that’s the cell membrane breaking.

Down and the charge is escaping from the inside and the polarity reversing like we’re talking about because of the fermented acidic inflames environment that they’re in so when we go back to the pool remember I said which pool would you rather dive.

Into which cells do you want your blood in that’s a good question isn’t it so that pool that you were looking at that green pool outside could be the same type of environment that you’ve got going on inside that’s a scary thought is it time yeah so the question is what do we have to do to go from.

Right to left what do we have to do to go from.

The right to the left well we got again have more of this and start looking at how much sugar we got coming in sugar is the most inflammatory things you start reading.

The labels look at the number of sugars compared to the amount of carbohydrates that are in your meal so if you’re having something that has 26 grams of carbs and it’s got 26 grams of sugar it’s all what it’s all sugar.

Yeah highly refined so we know we need to transition and have less of this and then when we start reading these labels some of them like I was saying on the nutrigrain bar when you start reading some of these ingredients here if you go through and you’re reading 50 ingredients and you can only pronounce 5 what are your thoughts on that it’s.

Probably not good for you and the rule of thumb is if we can’t pronounce it doesn’t belong in the body it was made in the laboratory it’s probably not good for you and when you start reading all these you see high fructose corn.

Syrup made in the laboratory corn syrup made a laboratory high fructose corn syrup in the laboratory blisterin made enough laboratory.

What did I just say they’re all sugar it’s.

All sugar you keep reading natural and artificial raspberry flavor modified corn starch all sugar that’s you go down the line.

Cottonseed oil right high drive to partially hydrogenated soybean oil now if you’re not a label reader and you go down to the Iowa Publix and you.

Pick that up nutria green what.

Does the word nuture come from nutritious which can’t be bad for you right and then you have the word green where does that come from great so so so nutritious green and I can’t be bad for me it’s gotta be good look put it in the cart Oh what did you just do go right back to that green pool inside of your body and your bloodstream sapping.

Energy instead of giving this see and this all comes just from clever marketing so we have to stand guard at the threshold at work goes through our mouth and once we start looking very carefully the labels you’ll be you’ll be.

Surprised it may take a little bit more time when you go shopping but you know what it’s worth it and you’ll.

Find other things that are much better for you much healthier for it okay so when you start looking and reading these labels you’ll see they’re loaded with not just sugar but hydrogenated fats top Tarts pop secret again here you go Kellogg’s protein meal bar Wow I can’t be that bad let’s take it throw it in the car.

For the road trip right what is it causing.

Why marsley I just need vegetable oil hydrogenated oils inflames causing all kinds of information driving cancer raising your blood pressure raising your cholesterol raising your blood.

Sugar keeping you slave to medications for the rest of your life keeping you coming back to the doctor’s offices keeping him in control or her in control instead of you of your.

Health does that make sense yeah so let’s talk about what we can do to work against that anti inflammatory alkalizing.

Nutrition why don’t we say water.

When the fish is sick you what you need to water when the is sick what.

Are you gonna do change the water you saw.

The pool you know let’s get some get some new fresh water and there your body is made of 70% water so if you’re not drinking enough water if you are.

Dehydrated and you may not you may not even be thirsty guys but if your if your urine is this cloudy or yellow you’re dehydrated you know a good way to gauge whether or.

Not you’re hydrated is looking at your urine if it’s clear that means that you’re.

Probably well hydrated that means.

That you’re probably drinking a lot of water all day if you think you’re drinking a lot of water all day and your urine is still cloudy.

Dark or yellow you’re probably drinking too much coffee we’re too much of something else that’s taking.

That’s dehydrating you you know in spite of maybe the water that you’re drinking so.

You need to you need to use that as a gauge and a good gauge is about half your body and fluid ounces and a good recommendation is finding like alkaline water how many of you guys have are aware that there’s different types of bottles of alkaline water you guys know that right if you’re getting Dasani or.

Something that was bottled in a coca-cola plant chances are if they call the cola PHS is acidic their water is gonna be acidic as a matter of fact Dasani water has been tagged at five somewhere around there where.

Does your pH where should it be your pH your body pH little over seven yeah so buy yourself some water with a label that says seven and a half eight and a half ten you.

Know you can do that that’s.

Know spring water or filtered water slice a.

Lemon in half and squeeze the juice in like a half a lemon squeeze that juice it that’s it that’ll do the same thing highly alkaline if I should be having an avocado a day an avocado a day keeps the doctor.

Away an avocado a day keeps the doctor away that’s why do you think that’s so true because those are good healthy fats which help to.

Put out the inflammation those are good healthy cups which are good for your brain good for your cells good for your energy good for fat burning so great for the avocados same thing with the butter just make sure again that it’s grass-fed it’s organic coconut milk.

These are all the things you see the fire extinguisher down there nice got any I see you a fancy yeah he’s okay don’t forget me.


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