Get too close you’re gonna use any right I’m gonna do my thing can you meet me over here and let’s just yeah that’s right exactly I like you you bring that oxygen over there I’m gonna bring it right over here golly you got the picture okay so that’s how a cell was supposed to work it’s supposed to be energetically charged.

In that fashion negative on the outside positive on the inside so here’s what happens we have our typical standard American diet you know soft drinks alcohol caffeine trans fats processed meats artificial sweeteners got our more trans fats and what does it do the camps out at the cellular membrane because those things don’t work very well with the receptors on the.

Surface of the cell to take them in so they camp out at the surface of the cell and they weak happen they do something called inflammation never to see that did you want to see that again inflammation oh my god doctor it’s got some talent there so so it’s got inflammation and what that inflammation does now is.

It deteriorates the integrity of the cell wall it disrupts the integrity of the cell walls and it can actually have that cell wall perforate or a rupture to some.

Degree and cause the positive charges to go from the inside of the cell now leaked out to the outside of the cell and when that happens now we don’t.

Have that polarity where we repel each other now if you have positive charges on the outside right it’s going to start what attracted.

If it starts attracting other cells and clumping other cells then are they going to move through the bloodstream more quickly or more slowly are they going to move.

More oxygen or less oxygen may get have more energy or less energy okay okay this that’s why this is part of the problem.

Big part of the problem everybody see that are you learning something important if somebody has.

Yeah know what the third coffee yeah coffee yeah smelling over here good question.

Them very attentive keep me on my toes so so that’s what it comes down to so when when we have all these fats which are highly inflammatory sugars toxins bad fats causes inflammation it destroys.

The integrity of the cell wall they start clumping up you have fermentation in the bloodstream does fermentation sound like a good idea no no no in fact.

That’s how cancer actually gets its energy it no longer uses oxygen it uses fermentation of sugar to create new cells did you guys know that yeah so Otto Warburg was a doctor who won a.

Nobel Prize in 1931 who discovered that cancer uses the process of fermentation it’s a fuel itself yeah so this is a big deal this is a big deal it’s been known for a long time but not a lot of people focus on it but if you start cleaning up the internal Terrain healing up the surface of the cells you’re going to start restoring energy and normal.

Function and you’re gonna starve cancer and sickness and disease out of the body it’s not something like a good plan so what do we need to do to get that on the way first of all understand what you’re doing and understand what’s doing it sugars and anything that turns.


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