In life how many of you guys know what I’m talking about life is uh it’s not always the easiest thing waking up Groundhog Day ready you got you got your family issues you got your job issues you got your your Facebook issues you got all this stuff going on we got a.

Ton of stress you know you look around and you watch since you start watching the TV and you look and read the newspaper and it’s like gosh I mean look you look at where we are today and what kind of world we live in compared to.

Just even ten years ago you know I remember when I opened practice in the 90s it was like looking back now it was.

Like like watching Fonzie unhappy kids you know it’s like like the world that we live in today is dark it’s I mean there’s so much there’s there’s there’s so many issues with that that could potentially create so much stress okay so when I say life doing life this is what I’m talking.

About being aware of our environment and the environmental forces but being.

Able to deal with them being able to deal with that stress because the stress is not going to go away right you’re right it’s how we deal with that stress and we all have diff different mechanisms but I can tell you one thing when you have your health it’s a lot easier to do life than what you don’t have.

Your health what we all agree with that yeah so so these are the things that.

Into the high-performance vehicle you need a high-performance vehicle to go through life these days otherwise you get left behind you get left behind and so we don’t want that to happen where we’re moving in this direction so follow along with me as we go to the cellular energy transfer.

System we want to transfer energy which means that we want to move it through your body as.

Quickly as possible because these cells carry something called oxygen where’s the carry oxygen how many of you guys know that.

Oxygen is healing oxygen makes energy you want less oxygen or more oxygen more yeah so we got to make sure that this vehicle that’s carrying the oxygen these cells are working pretty.

Good and so on the bottom there you see these little pluses you know what those pluses represent positive charge that and.

They’re underneath the cell membrane the cell membrane is sitting right on top of them inside the cells it’s positively charged outside that cell membrane it’s negatively charged you see those black dashes across there so the reason why your cells have a polarity and so that they can move through the bloodstream and a rapid.

Pace and a good enough pace to bring the nutrients and the oxygen through and deliver that energy through your body so your body’s electric company do you.

Guys need oh yeah your body’s electric you need energy and energy comes from an electric charge that’s just the universal force inside your body and outside of your body so you gotta have this set up and it’s got to be working right and it just so happens that negative charges repel each other and.

That’s why you have negative charges on the outside of the cells so that they repel each other all right so if I’m negative and you’re negative we’re gonna repel each other right we’re not gonna.


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