This and this and my son no you don’t understand my son has this this and this and it’s like something that they’ve excavated like from a you know oh my goodness they they’ve somehow come up with this thing thank goodness somebody found the diagnosis who cares they found the diagnosis did they find the cause that they find the cause the source in the root of why your.

Sick or why your family members said no.

Diagnosis doesn’t mean anything except a Latin description a very expensive one at that to describe the condition of what that person is experiencing with their health does.

That make sense people come here all the time with the diagnosis and the testing that’s been.

Done with all their doctors but they still haven’t found the cause of the problem here’s how I look at it here’s how I look at it I don’t look at the human body like the medical doctor does from like I understand what it diagnosis is you bring me those fancy terms I went.

To chiropractic school I studied physiology I had the same courses I know what that is I can relate to that but with me what or how do I look at it different you know I look at the person either being unhealthy or they’re healthy either the body’s weak or it’s strong you know there’s there’s those shades of grey so if the body is sick it’s going to have different symptoms and everybody’s symptoms are gonna be different a person can collapse under stress you know their body.

Shuts down right you may have you know headaches you may have dizziness this person here you could have back pain as a result to that the human body is amazing in terms of how it expresses illness and symptoms and centers and it all.

Comes down to a lot of which has to do with this what are you allowing your bodies to exhibit and what kind of conditions are you allowing to develop in your body and are you okay with that are you allowing it to get worse or are you doing something to get better right now for many of us what is getting.

Better me oh I’m just gonna get some sleep and maybe I’ll take some vitamins and I’ll exercise more and I’ll eat better right but a lot of people do that and we have more cases more people than exercising and having better nutrition probably in the last tense one hears more than ever in.

Human history right and and and happen to be have less or more cases of cancer or more yeah because we’re ignoring basic concepts of human health and balance.

That’s what I want to bring to your attention today so human blood pH is very very important and it should be slightly alkaline you know if you want to clean.

Up the internal drain if you want to create killing conditions and I don’t care if you have pneumonia I don’t care if you have a respiratory infection I don’t care if you have a kidney infection and it doesn’t matter if you have cancer this concept the plots your body’s either getting weaker or.

You’re either creating the conditions to host disease or you’re creating the conditions to starve it out of the body that condition right there health means that disease.


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