Is actually get that stuff out of the bottom after you pull.

It out of the brain and out.

Of the gut how do you get it out of the bottom like what are the true binders for actually so this stuff to get mopped up in your intestines and pull it out you know to get it from your gut into the toilet that’s got to happen and unless you.

Have you know a strategic evidence-based plan that’s going to do that it’s not happening in your not detoxing so there’s three different phases the first phase is the first 30 days that’s when you do the prep phase their cellular healing going on it heals and repairs the cellular membrane it reduces the inflammation it restores the energy re-establish.

Cell it gets them it gets the cell ready and all the down path pathways the downstream pathways like your liver and your kidneys and all that ready for a deeper level of detox.

My first month when I started doing this just the the prep phase I felt the best that I felt in a long time it was like an awakening and like a calm piece over me for like the majority those 30 days because I knew there was healing happening at a cellular level I knew that so now I got retested and wanted my Nana.

Oxy and my visual test shelf like that was just said.

It got what it got better so.

I knew something was happening not just.

Because I was feeling better but because the tests showed it then I went into the second phase which is the body phase now this is different now there’s a concentration gradient set up what does that mean it moves things from a higher level of concentration to a lower level of concentration so it starts actually mobilizing the metals and the toxins from the deeper tissues.

In your body this one everybody responds different to because you start using other agents which actually push stuff out and if you’ve had stuff that’s been in.

Your tissues and cells for a long time and you start waking we had up everybody responds differently like for me I had a little bit of a weird response it was like I felt like I was getting sick I had this weird thing going on in my leg it was like what’s going how can you get out lasted for.

A couple of days I backed off two drops a little bit and then it.

Went away after a couple days and I stuck with it and you know each of these boxes by the way it’s like they’re all the supplements are prepackaged you have a warning packet you have an afternoon packet and you have an evening packet then you have these little drops when you go into the second phase so everything is prepackaged you don’t have to sit there and count pills and wonder what to take in the morning everything’s labeled it’s done for you.

It’s a brilliant system and it’s super easy so that’s the body phase now you’re really starting to detox from a deeper level get retested again the meta oxy and the visual acuity tests and then the last phase that you do is the brain phase the brain phase is what where you have where you can actually cross.

The blood-brain barrier so crossing the blood-brain barrier can only be done with the constituents and the supplements in this program it can’t be done with pectin it can’t be done with glutathione it won’t get to the brain it won’t get the heavy metals out this is the most important phase guys detoxing any sort of detox is probably not a bad idea but when you want to get the mercury the lead the aluminum the glyphosate which pushes all of those heavy metals.

Blood-brain barrier it drives that if you want to get.

To that if you ever want to get to that level you have to.

Get to the brain phase and it’s been said that most people will have to do multiple brain phases because many times it takes years to actually completely 100% detox folks and I don’t know you know I’m.

On my first brain phase I’m gonna take a week off because I’m going away next week when I come back I’m.

Going to do another one I’m gonna get tested also so again you’re not gonna.

Get well if you don’t remove the brain inflammation and heavy metals are the number one culprit.

That brain phase is vital okay so if you have not done the testing yet to see how toxic you are and you want to learn a little bit more about the program what it looks like remember I said it’s a 98 program it goes in phases we run the program everything can be done here in.

The office we do the follow-up tests and here in the office we can tell.

You more about the program but first see if you’re a good candidate for it first.

Do the testing that’s what I would recommend normally the testing is $300 we get special pricing because we’re an affiliate office with true cellular detox many many dozens.

Of doctors using this program in their offices across country so we get special pricing we can offer you the test there’s only $97 Deborah yeah everybody knows Deborah right if you.

Want to have the testing done that’s seven of four minutes see Deborah tonight she’ll have used a lot.

Of form call you make an appointment if you’re.

A guest here tonight and you know that you need to have your spine checked the scan the x-rays everything that goes with that you can see Deborah.

Or Kelly they’ll make the appointment for you tonight the offers that we’re giving you here tonight for the discounts.

On stuff it’s only good for tonight and by the way if you have a loved one family member friend who you know should have been here and you want to give them a gift of health you’re welcome to you know purchase a voucher or something like that for them as well so I think that’s all I got for you tonight just make sure that you dial ended for next month’s workshop and.

I can’t tell ya how appreciative I am that you were here tonight I love and appreciate you so much.

Guys thank you have a great night God blast.


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