Do what is it what do they use GMO genetically modified organisms they genetically modify these things the corn and the soy so that it can still live while they soaked it in glyphosate everything else will die except these crops survive because they’ve been genetically modified corn and soy which they put in which foods today almost everything which we’re taking it sorry.

So we’re at work we we have a good healthy diet of.

Roundup now we’re living on do you think that’s a good recipe for toxicity it’s not a good recipe for brain inflammation is that a good recipe for fatigue or depression or cancer yeah I mean it’s you know you go through any drive.

Through any of these meats that we eat it you know everything it’s soy and corn guys soy and corn oh my goodness it’s and it’s if you look at the graph I don’t have it in this one but in my last workshop you could just see the amount of life is said.

Say that they’ve used has gone from like 20 million pounds to.

Like 300 million pounds in the last 300 billion pounds or something like that thank Monsanto for that but I don’t want to get off on a tangent but you guys get the point it’s bad stuff it’s really good stuff that’s why you have to get you.

Both but the reality is is that when these toxins are all inside of us they’re attacking the brain and what else did they attack thyroid you guys know what happens to people have fibroid problems right especially.

With an underactive thyroid with the majority of time what happens your energy is you know they can peel you off the floor with a shock it’s bad and your your thyroid is is a significant part of regulating your metabolism and your energy yes or yes one out of five women get diagnosed with a for the factory problem it’s.

A big deal your body uses fat to store toxins and so the more.

Toxic that you are the harder it’s going to be for you to lose weight your body will not release them bad because it uses.

It as a protective mechanism to sequester and protect itself from the damaging effects of these toxins did you know that yeah so if you want to lose fat you got to lose the one the toxins toxins blunt the hormone receptors or the hormone receptors found.

On the surface of the cell membrane what did we start off talking about tonight the cell membrane how important is that cell membrane it’s at the very root of everything that your body is going to do energy wise health wise detoxification how important is the normal function of that health that cell membrane so you saw it to where you just saw the positive charges and the negative charges you remember that right right but what you didn’t see is the little hormone receptors that function to.

Bring hormones into the cell how do you guys know somebody who’s diabetic right if there’s insulin resistance what levels are running high in the blood sugar so what happens insulin has.

To go up to take the sugar into the cell and it takes it and it brings it to the hormone receptor and that’s how the sugar gets it to the sound but when somebody’s insulin resistant the hormone receptors are not working it’s not that insulin isn’t working insulin goes up your body makes insulin but the insulin.


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