Nutrition because the spine isn’t functioning and moving properly does that make sense when you lose the curve in the neck and that goes straight and it sucks the brainstem down into the bony canal the brainstem remember the brainstem is what controls respiration your blood pressure okay so these are all very very important things when it comes to energy which is what we’re talking about tonight so the question is are you are you looking more like the one on the left or. yaker I I’m the one on the left how do you know well I feel good I’m coming every week every other week come once a month I mean it’s I’m doing my home care I’m not doing mine okay like you’re going by how you feel right but how many of you guys know people who feel great and God forbid they get diagnosed with cancer you don’t no idea remember there’s a big difference between how you’re feeling and how your body’s what functioning.

Don’t ever go by how you feeling that’s why you know I’ll redo an x-ray a year later that’s why.

We keep redoing these scans because I want you guys to feel good but I also want to make sure that your brain is firing on all cylinders not just good energy but you’re making new healthy cells.

Instead of new damaged cells.

So we gotta check that top bone in the neck we got to make sure all the nerve channels are clear firing on all cylinders because where do those nerves go to some of the organs are all of.

Them when you have pressure on the nerve can you feel that oh no and you know.

That nerve feels pain but you put a little dying of that little weight of pressure on that spinal nerve you’ve now shut.

Down 50% of the nerve firing through there and if that’s going to your prostate what’s that doing thinking a prostate problem if that pinched nerve is going to your bladder what kind of problem where you develop that problem yeah our lady come in the other day just bent over to.

Pick up a Bible that was killing her she couldn’t bend she couldn’t stand up and I knew the problem is down here where the nerves go off to the muscles in the.

Leg in the sciatic nerve but I also know those nerves go to the bladder and my question to her was are you having any constipation or frequent urination frequent urination Why Why ask me I’ve been going to the doctor for a couple years now they can’t find out what’s causing it that’s the same air look at her spine look at her x-ray badly degenerative problems the spines been degenerating long before she had.

Any sort of back pain that she could feel so chronic tiredness dizziness all that stuff.

Headaches high blood pressure usually.

Comes from the upper part of the neck digestive problems comes from the middle part of the spine problems with your lower back frequent urination constipation bladder problems circulation issues usually from the lower part of spine I look at the spine like a circuit breaker the channels have to be open and again the only way to know besides how you.

Feel is to get a weapon an x-ray and a scan so yeah you know if you’re a guest here this.

Is really not more for you if you don’t have a chiropractor and you have a night your spine checked in a long time this is something that you can take advantage of if you have if you don’t know the status of your spine.

You’re here tonight because your health is important to you right all right yeah so some of you guys have been checked maybe not been checked if you haven’t done in a.

While feel free to take me up on a on an opportunity or another opportunity if you would like to have your.

Scan or an update an x-ray taken all right again and it’s a includes all that stuff and again the $40 that’s a mission to heating donation so if you’d like to do that.

And see them at the end tonight and we’ll set you.

Up for that it’s $300 worth of service which I’m very happy to do for.

You but it’ll give you a ton of information regarding your health and whether or not your vitamins and your nutrition or anything is really working for.

You it all depends on your spine everything depends on your spine right all right okay so that’s where the guests the rest of us here we need to take out the garbage take out the garbage what does that mean take out the garbage detox who said that so what’s poisoning us today where are the toxins coming from we’re on the that yep food so the food.

Would be the worst of it is glyphosate okay which I’m going to get to in a minute.

Then you have aluminum heavy metals and I want to talk to you about this because this nail through the research that I’ve been studying is becoming the biggest problem for the not just for the generations to come.

Up for us yeah have you looked around lately and you see how young people are now when they’re getting diagnosed with dementia and.

Alzheimer√≠s have you seen that and this is the reason why and if we don’t pay careful attention to this and be proactive with this and we’re not doing something to prevent it because we live in this world that’s creating it for us right.

Now so heavy metals lead and mercury all drive inflammation in the.

Brain they trigger genes associated with what Alzheimer’s and dementia they killed healthy intestinal flora your bacteria the bacteria that’s needed for the neurotransmitters.

And the vitamins that are needed to make serotonin in your gut serotonin is that happy hormone feeling right the serotonin is the happy there are a transmitter that makes you feel.

Good when people aren’t antidepressants they modulate that and they do that pharmaceutically instead so what.

I’m saying is that these toxins interfere with the normal body functions which cause us to.

Feel poopie for energy fatigue hormone problems and a lot of other things and this is where it starts on the left you see what the far left you see picture of.

What paint and the paint before 1978 had something in it called yeah.

So we all grew up in the light generation and letting the paint food then then in the gasoline up until recently and it was all around us but there’s LED now they did a study and there was 33 different lipsticks that they used and 22 out of the 33 had lead in them and these these are like premium brands you know like that you get maybelline or.


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