All right so yesterday morning I woke up with strep throat a head was hurting I had a fever and my throat was absolutely killing me but I did manage to cure it by the end of the day I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine and my throat was completely cured so today I’m going to be showing you.
Guys what exactly I did to cure it and how you can.

Too so without any further ado.

Let’s jump straight into the video all right so the ingredients you’re going to need to cure your strep throat are honey cayenne pepper and garlic.

You can find these at almost any single grocery store and they’re super cheap so definitely.

Go and pick them up if you have a headache you’re feeling super shitty watching this video right now go take a look at Tylenol or something and then head.

Up the grocery store you’re going to want to do this it’s going to last every time you get strep that others are going to help you alright so now that you have the ingredients I’m going to head to my kitchen to show you guys what to do with them okay so what you’re going to do first grab your honey and put two tablespoons into a nice small Bowl eye.

Cream tiny so I’m going to microwave it first and make it nice and liquidy if.

You have liquid honey already that’s perfectly fine next you know chop a few cloves of garlic into nice tiny fine pieces and throw them into your bowl and up for the file step you can want to take your bowl of honey and garlic and then dash in some cayenne pepper over top all right now that you have this delicious.

Tasting concoction all you’re gonna have to do is just mix it.

Around and then take a nice little scoop of it about that much but a teaspoon and then just very good it’s actually not that bad the honey really.

Helps it’s very sweet and it kind of cancels out the garlic and the cayenne pepper and then what you’re going to do with this would take a teaspoon of it every 30 minutes.

To an hour the more frequent you do it the more it’s going to help your throat so I definitely urge you to try at least every 30 minutes so I hope this videos helped you guys with your strep throat and if it has please leave a like and comment below I’d love to hear your experience and if you haven’t already definitely follow me on Instagram I’m going to include it here obviously wraps up this video please.

Feel free to check out my other videos and subscribe if you like my content but other than that a few guys next week.


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