Hey guys MP here today we are talking multi food ATP science has revamped this old favourite as a part of their board pillars of health so you may be asking Mitch what’s new well that’s a great question firstly they’ve added vitamins A D and E these vitamins are all fat soluble which means that transported by the fat and.

Stored in the liver or the fat tissue or eliminated through the skin.

An essential nutrient which means our body can’t create it we must include it through our diet it supports immunity regeneration and repair for areas such as the skin gut eyes bladder and respiratory tract next up we have vitamin D did you know that almost 50% of the population.

Of vitamin D deficient it helps with muscle growth bone density and regulates inflammation.

Lastly multi food now includes vitamin E this one is important for cellular antioxidant defense systems as it cannot be synthesized by the body it must be obtained exclusively through our diet.

Previously multi food included a low dose of magnesium and calcium these ingredients were in there to aid the absorption of all those other ingredients since then ATP have decided to slice those out stating that they just take up too much of our work space in their.

Ingredients list but those with magnesium deficiencies all those just wanting to bump up their magnesium levels ATP science recommends using one of their other products DMS T which will provide you with a full clinical dose so that’s it guys that’s the brand new multi foods have why not put it to the test today come in store or grab yours online don’t forget to follow our socials for the latest updates and competitions until next time MPR you.


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