A final thought about these tips for looking at your illness through a new lens is I realized that a lot of you have other things going on a lot of you have been gluten free for months or years and you’re still dealing with your with an immune system flare-up you’re still maybe dealing with other autoimmune disorders that go.
Along with it and not everybody lives in.

A place like Vancouver Canada where there is a huge awareness of.

Gluten-free tons of restaurants for me to choose from tons of food shops that could carry products that I can eat and overall just an acceptance as part of lifestyle here maybe you have other things going on and you think I could never understand what you’re going through and that could be true but your body is amazing it does incredible things every day and you can find ways to make it better.

You can enhance what you’re doing it’s not your fault if you’re doing a lot of things that still actually harm you because you just don’t know my first tip if you’re still dealing with loss of symptoms and flare-ups even though you’re very strict with your gluten-free diet is to journal what you eat write.

It all down and then if you don’t start noticing patterns on your own then seek the advice of a holistic nutritionist I might be able to take you on as a client as well but often what people will notice when they start writing things down is patterns Oh whenever I have this specific product I start to feel awful within a day or two sometimes you don’t notice the effects of something until two days later so journaling can.

Be very powerful to correct your own health and seeking the advice of somebody.

Even if you’re qualified even if you’re a nutritionist or a dietitian or a personal trainer and very mindful and very healthy sometimes you just need an outside perspective and Outsiders look I really sincerely want people to be able to feel as good as I feel I’m very empowered with my health and I want to empower you as well as always I am open to.

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