Why be concerned about the health of your feet you probably know that the average person walks about 10,000 steps a day but did you know that over the course of a lifetime that means walking around the planet four times hi I’m Claire Dunphy Himani creator of Pilates avatar and I wanted to talk to you today about why the.

Health of your feet is important did you know that early signs of diabetes circulation problems back issues hip and knee pain can.

Often be discovered early in the health of your feet so what I want to do is I want to show you a little home.

Routine that you can easily do to help keep your feet supple keep your feet strong alright so we’ll just start sitting and you can prop your hands up behind you and your knees will be straight out in front of you and you just start by stretching your toes and flip and pointing them down so you stretch the top of your foot and then flex so you’re pressing.

Your heels forward and we point I call this pointing and you’re pointing your toes downward and then flex and now you’re stretching your heels forward and point and flex and point and flex and we do eight of these and you can build up to 16 of them and point and flex and point and flex and now keep your feet.

Flexed and you’re just gonna take your toes.

And make the fist with your toes and you know how your feet your hands have enough pose on them pull your feet also do so you want to stretch and make up fist with your feet and then spread your toes apart.

So you let them really all in one and we do that eight.

Times two three four and five and six and seven and eight and now we combine.

It and we point and flex make the fist then open really press through the foot and really work in those muscles try to work your feet evenly left and right foot doing the same thing and flex make a fist getting faster point flex and point flex curl your toes open your toes point flex curl your toes let’s.

Do one more point flex curl your toes open your toes now we go from the ball to the point and flex so you’re articulating your foot you go through the ball of the foot push your toes down left.

Ball point flex all point flex and ball point well actually a really kind of working room of the foot getting some of the kinks out try not to look so strong that you cramp and flex okay so.
The next one is how to connect the foot alignment up.

Into your hips so we flex turn out pulling your legs together and you’re turning out from the hip and then you point you turn in parallel closed we go.

Let’s turn out legs together point turn in flex turn out so the alignment of the hips through the knees through the feet is really important for the health of your gait health of your walking and that alignment will help reduce some issues that you might wind up having with your hips and your back flex turn out point turn in flex turn out point turn.

In they just shake out your legs for a moment and now we’re gonna stand up and continue on with some.

Standing exercises you can hold on to the back of a chair or to a wall and so come on up and here we go alright so you’re standing on your feet and you want to check to see where the weight is on your feet to make sure that the weight.


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