Peace peace peace this your brother Margot Julie I’m gonna be offering my brief commentary right after this quick clip peace yo just put on I never want to have Isis everyone that’s addicted to something let me know what you’re addicted to and hashtag what on drugs and send your videos right now the most important thing is being aware.

For you’re addicted to senior videos right now I want to see your videos right now.

What are you’re addicted to let me know your addiction and seeing your videos you don’t have to be a deep into drugs you can be addicted Azzurri or whatever it is I’m addicted to money we got to get it together not tomorrow but tonight if you’re drinking stop it not tomorrow tonight why tolerate a bottle we’ll say we’re waiting man drinking ain’t gonna do it God yes it do.
Yes it does your God you are.

Part of God how the hell can you be a drunken dog how can you do anything right cook a reefer god oh god oh.

Mind well God loses control of his mind who got control of God’s.

Money shame on you silly God that wanna give your mind over to a devil don’t want to be in control of.
Your mind you want to give it to alcohol give it to coal or some of you.

Silly women want to give it to a jive tail man to run your money peace peace peace this your brother Monroe jr. and as week we heard future saying you know you don’t have to be addicted to drugs really you shouldn’t want to be addicted or we shouldn’t want to be addicted to anything but service to I create a service to humanity and service to ourselves you know.

To become addicted to anything that’s not Devine is to lessen your self-worth what is your self-worth well there is no materialism on this earth that can equate to the majesty of your creation cuz you are defined you’re from the Creator.

So a lot of times we try to dress up on the outside where we’re lacking on the inside with the jury with the materialism we try to get the exposure in the fame and the attention that really emanates from us missing something internally you know when you know who you are and who you are then.

You don’t get addicted to any of that you know that those are components of growth that come with you as you evolve but brothers and sisters don’t allow drugs don’t allow fame don’t allow fortune to become a vice in your life that leads to you eventually being in a sunken place because that’s at.

The end of the day you see all these people that are with all this money all this wealth all this fortune all this fame but they misery right they drugged down they they don’t have any peace of mind and contentment that’s what that’s what you really want.

To be addicted to having peace of mind and contentment no matter what you’re going through your ups and.

Downs your highs and your lows being thankful being grateful keeping a positive outlook and mindset on life these are the different qualities and traits we have to.

A good spirit you know you want your spiritual game to be on fleek you know as much fame and fortune as you have you gotta have that much more character to be able to handle those things or else we are all just seen you know so let’s get addicted to too bettering ourselves self-improvement you know that’s really.

What we should get addicted to and then once we become addicted at bettering ourselves because that’s the biggest room in a nation in our community in our house in our person that needs improvement is self and once.

We beautify self so then everything on the exterior of self will begin to adapt to what.

In fact you will change environments.

Just by your persona just by your energy right just by the way that you conduct yourself so you know there is no lack of resources in our earth the.

Creator has created a abundance in his earth for us and we should desire some of this earth we can call our own and we should desire to manifest our own divinity each one of y’all look divine don’t let anybody down play your divinity or your greatness.

Don’t be around those people who tell you your your limitations there are no limitations when you are a creation of God if we.

Are in harmony with his creation then all things are made to continue to evolve until we reach I eventually so brothers and sisters keep striving to better yourselves we should all be working on that day in day out don’t be too hard on yourself none of us are perfect but recognizing that we’re not perfect is a great mindset to understand that hey if I recognize.

I’m gonna make some mistakes that’s the only way I’ll make it to perfection you know what I’m saying it takes a lifetime we’ll go to the grave seeking to be perfect you know instead seeking for.

Perfection but in a secant you know hey man in the lessons that.

We learned of life and in life then you know we’re able to continue to grow and evolve and you know I create a nose you know where we should be and he and he builds us up to get there but we just.

Have to be patience with ourselves be patient with ourselves in the process you know what I’m saying all of us being made into the greatest version of ourselves this your brother Mauro Julia I’m signing off peace.


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