Welcome to emotions and eating with Nicola beer Nicola controlled her feelings using food for 25 years so she knows how training it is to be constantly thinking about or acting out with food thankfully having made an amazing breakthrough in her recovery her mission became about helping others escape the unsatisfying cycle of frustration and self medication with food Nicola.

Is determined to help you find your inner strength so you can be healthy gain confidence feel great and be at peace with yourself and food.

I’m so happy you’re here thank you for tuning in I’m hoping that you are finding something useful from the show that’s my goal basically my mission is to help people to be free.

From emotional eating to be free to eat in peace and to not be thinking about food all the time to not be overeating.

To not be under eating just to be happy around food and have a great relationship with food without it being an obsession or a source of conflict and pain if you do find anything useful in any of the show if you are willing.

To share it or leave a rating or review it’ll be awesome and the reason I say it will be awesome is because more and more people they can find the help that they need.

Is a myth that anorexic and bulimic individuals or teenage girls because so many people I help men and women are in the 20s 30s 40s 50s and even 60s and it’s a myth that emotional eating is not the cause of obesity of course it is one of the main causes of obesity and that.

Is often not addressed so to have the world to help other people to help share the message I so grateful so let’s talk about the topic today which is the power of sharing I want to ask you something have you.

Better about something anything after speaking to another person and just letting it out maybe the other person didn’t offer any advice or told you what to do but rather they listened and demonstrated that they understood what you were feeling they listened and if that simple action of you giving off your chest and out of your own head made me feel lighter even if the outcome of the conversation.

Was not solution then you already have experienced the power of sharing and then when you actually share something with someone that has actually gone through what you’ve gone through that actually has done some crazy things with round food like the crazy things I’ve done around food ah and this is really embarrassing I’ve stolen food I have hidden food I have put food in my handbag what I.

Didn’t want to eat it put food in my handbag when I wanted to eat it later I have had to pour water over food or put it in the bin just to make sure that I wouldn’t eat it because I couldn’t trust myself.

To not eat it if it was just in the house I have finished things off which I’ve only opened to like open a box cereals and that could be gone I have counseled going to events because I’ve got anxiety over what food was going to be there and I can control it.

All sorts of crazy things I’ve even counseled going out for evenings because I wanted to stay in and eat the food I wanted to be on my own and have.

My own little food ritual and sharing that and being able to share that with someone that understands was a game changer for me I really wanted to someone who understood what it was like to emotionally eat a mushrik food and that I couldn’t actually change these patterns alone because I tried to learn and it didn’t help I need you to.

Know that I was not the only one that had these thoughts and behaviors I needed validation from someone who understood me my patterns are my pain someone who could give me hope as well as strength I unfortunately discovered this far far later and I had to learn the hard way when I set out at.

The beginning to stop my bulimia and binge in I’m breaking away from food controlling that compulsive eating I thought that I would change it on my own I thought I’m strong I’m sad for where I could see that it was about control and.

A way to deal with emotions I knew it was emotional eating and I thought I knew I had many fears in my life that played me I had a fear of being.

Fat I had a fear of being poor and not having enough money had a fear of not falling in love I had a fear of being in love I had a fear that people didn’t really like me had a fear of failure and even had.

A fear of success and I also knew that I didn’t love myself so.

Because of this awareness I believed that I’ve got all of this insight into myself I’m probably gonna be able to heal myself right and so it first of all I thought why should I spend any money on counseling or doing courses but I could figure it out using free information off the internet or by finding and following a new plan of eating but the truth was nothing.
Worked for very long I’ve tried every diet out there I’ve.

Done deep cruxes diet pills on weight gain plans but I would find that a few months later I’d be back to square one other times I would tell myself that I didn’t need to change you know when you.

Tell yourself it’s no big deal everyone is eating the same so-and-so is thinner so-and-so is bigger so-and-so eats more than me I’m not.

Bad as so-and-so all that line life’s too.

Short to worry yeah life’s too short to worry don’t worry it’s.

Fine just having this eating issue in reality though it did worry me it did worry me a lot being this way I told myself that worrying about weights and being sick I’m worrying about being fat was.

Just part of me and something I’ll have to live with forever what I need is was actually someone to pick the.

Phone up to someone to send an email message to when I felt down I needed someone to share my.

Thoughts with in the moment that I was suffering not to wait days weeks for the next page counseling session where I’d be labeled with an eating disorder with very little solutions to help and also I really don’t write the term eating disorder if I’m honest but anyway that’s my my personal opinion you see the thing is.

Is that life doesn’t happen in a one-hour eating disorder counseling session your life does not happen in one hour so therefore a counseling program that gives you a.

One-hour window slaw don’t often does not help people was there emotional eating so then they think they failed I think what I’ve had counseling and the counseling hasn’t helped.


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