What’s up guys so today’s video is a another zero waste video um this is kind of a documentation of my journey into zero waste minimalist lifestyle definitely not anywhere near zero waste right now and I do not intend to obtain 100% zero waste these are just steps that I’m going to take and try and get as close as.

Possible for me so for everyone else out there zero waste or as close to zero waste as um you feel comfortable is perfectly fine with you um taking any steps is a step in the right direction I have.
Been focusing on the easiest in my opinion the easiest way.

To minimize your waste and that is zero waste shopping so what this means to me is eliminating the use of plastics in the grocery store so for me this doesn’t go into the packaging of the food yet I still buy packaged foods I try to look for things that are mostly packaged in glass because the glass bottles can.

Be reused and recycled I don’t want this to become about restricting your diet or anything like that so you have to work.

With what’s available to you.

So being vegan certain products are available to me that I enjoy that are packaged in plastic so I still enjoy those and consume those just not as much so the first thing is mason jars mason jars are going to be your best friend when you become zero-waste or when you’re transitioning into zero waste because you put anything in these you can go to the grocery store and.

You can weigh the jar beforehand or sometimes you can weigh the jar at a scale in the grocery store and then on the lid you can just write down the weight of the jar and then when you fill.

It up whatever you’re gonna fill it up with you go both bring it to the cashier and you say okay this is the weight of the jar can you subtract that weight and then you’re only paying for what’s inside I have not tried this yet because I am NOT brave enough but I know that a lot of people have had success with this and you can put things from like the salad bars I’ve seen people put bulk items like dried pastas things.

Like that in here but for the most part I use something else and then when I get home I store them in these jars so even if you don’t want to use these shopping they’re great for storing the items that you then purchase so the next thing are these little baggies I believe they’re organic cotton but.

They have a little drawstring so you can pull them tight and then nothing is going to get out of them if they go upside down or anything I use these for my bulk items so I went to Whole Foods the other day and I purchased some bulk dried fruit and I put that right in here and then I just put.

This sticker you have to like print out a sticker for everything that you buy from the bulk section and I just put that right on the bag I’m not sure if there’s a way so we eliminate the use of the sticker I have not looked into that yet.

Anybody has experience with that please let me know so yeah anything from the bulk section that is.

Fine or you don’t want like open to air I put in these like I can put flour in these I can put granola in these anything I have about I think I have three of these so these are by the same brand and these have little holes in them so they’re like mesh material and they have drawstring as well and I use these for produce so.

It still lets the produce breathe so it’s not gonna get like gross and nasty in this bag and I have them in different sizes I have two small to medium and then two large this is the large and I’ll put like kale and here carrots whatever um but yeah these are.

Really helpful because they eliminate the use of those like telephone plasticky bags that you rip off the wheel and then you just put all your fruits and vegetables in there using these instead cuts down on those and then you don’t use them at all so those are great and those are super easy to use because the the cashier can see through them so they can see what’s.

In them and I haven’t had any problems using those at my local grocery store and pretty much nobody uses any type of reusable bag at my grocery store so I have had some people comment like why do you what are you doing like why are you.

Using those I just tell them well I don’t want to use the plastic so the next thing is a reusable tote bag to put all of your fruits vegetables everything you bought inside instead of.
Using plastic bags these things are all by the.

Brands simple ecology which I highly recommend because it’s all organic materials and it’s all organic cotton it’s really sturdy feeling and it was fairly reasonably priced and I just I enjoyed these bags the most out of other ones that I’ve tried and I really like this one because if you can see it’s got these little sleeves now they’re not pockets.
Because they’re open at the bottom but it’s got.

Them all inside this bag so that you can put bottles and things inside those sleeves so that they don’t move around or knock it to each other or fall.

Over and it’s really helpful it really makes storing things in here super easy and I have three of these they came in a package of three I.

Ordered all of those things off of Amazon so I will leave links to all of those down below but that is pretty much all I’ve been doing so far for zero waste shopping and just placed.

An order for a few other things that are kind of gonna help me transition more into zero waste and I will share those things with you when they arrive but it’s definitely a slow transition for me because there are times when I don’t have my reusable bag on me and I have to resort using a plastic bag but I’m always trying to.

Find ways to reuse them so if you have any ideas I how do we use those plastic bags you get at grocery stores please leave that in the comments below um and yeah let me know if you are also transitioning to zero waste and how it’s going for.

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