Alright guys my name’s ray I’m back with another just check up and letting you guys know how how I’ve been since my eye operation well in the process of that I’m gonna also show you a little bit of a tutorial on how to clean a horse stall so a lot of the questions were based on what I muscles.

On I had an operation on both eyes the outside in the inside of each of the whites of the eyes right next to Irish the yo Ian and they tightened the.

Muscles that are on the inside and they remove the muscle from a tendon that’s attached to the side of the eye on the outsides of both of these eyes and then they attach the muscle further back which allows the eyes to sit the way they should be so without further ado let me show you real quick here.

This is a horse stall after one day it’s kind of expected to be that way so we are using standard horse mats which are about well 3/4 inch thick or so I’m gonna do what.

Way to do this is to go through all this poo and put it into one giant pile and then from the pile you putting the well barrel so see that real quick I’m gonna.

Try to make it quick because I have very much.

Time too bad you guys can’t smell it’s really hard for you guys to see when is it.

Basically made a pile and putting all that poo in there it’s pretty standard stuff guys how many questions give me a comment down below oh that’s kind of blurry.

Hopefully that wasn’t blurring the hold all right so once you have all that shoveled you have a fairly clean saw and that’s pretty quick less than five minutes now this stuff is just spark dust basically some special one for carrying or the name of it unfortunately I’m sorry but this is like their bedding like calendar I like it for some reason like the horses.

Like to spend a lot of time doing their business this is probably excessive but that’s how it should look at redone and right back on the other topic of my eye surgery that I had about a year ago so April 18th hey if you got any questions just post them in the comments below if you got any questions about how to clean.

A stall um that’s great I can help you out there to you thanks for watching the tutorial you guys have.


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