No garbage garden so what are the benefits of gardening of course you are exposing yourselves to direct sunlight with boosting effect on your costume level are your immune system gardening has been proven from a study conducted in 2006 to decrease dementia by 36% gladdening of course has been scientifically proven to have mood boosting benefits you are also enjoying.

An aerobic exercise out there and helping to combat your benefits of this is a native vegetable cord and shear it was planted at the beginning of summer snow is expected soon and the month of October.

Is just the right time for the final harvest another it was amazing nourished with this is her baby no colic different people differently the composter the compost this composter is highly respected in this garden the composter is the heart of discard everything every waste from the kitchen in the form of leaves or commit to that swelling.

Or on your own feelings and auditable things are all in here in sight of this composter is an entire world of its own you have all kinds of decomposers crawling in there including ones assorted types of insects and even fungi.

Growing or breaking down the dead.

Leaves into Monday decomposers organisms that break down dead or decaying matter and in doing so they carry out the natural process of decomposition Oh last time I was in medicine fever it is our tradition in this zero garbage going to dispatch visitors with a handful of souvenir to take home a souvenir to go home yeah it is phenomenal harvesting as a group makes it even more interesting we now know that we are resource persons.

Ready to help is a scientifically proven fact that’s interacting in a garden like this has a very positive effect on your horse what are you gonna do when I put this one.

Inside enjoying great great great research has shown that when you get your hands dirty by gardening you are in fact exposing yourself to a natural bacteria called MVC that secret serotonin in your brain a hormone that controls you I’m just.

Telling you now we carefu don’t put more than one on this person because it would mess up next I forget bring me the varieties that we can pick from and plant in this garden because she’s so impressive so with the proven facts of sands it will not be an overstatement to say that as you interact in a garden setup like this you are actually vaccinating us take a leap for yourself you don’t need to ask me just try yourself.

What is that ethylene has scientifically established medicinal values what this is the first you put a partner to work from this input one of these already the house now look I was somebody’s doing that you cannot decide.

Win the same thing that is so cool that is just the idea about this cabbage.

Garden hi everyone everybody here is going home in their heads planning in how.

They are going to do something of this nature that well even if they don’t.

Do it this big they don’t have this type of space they are all promising.

That I will do something into somewhere in the approach or their window where they are going to start something natural in their houses what a great action mission accomplished good question the winter there’s no.


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