Okay and it’s lovely to see you all I was quite conscious that I’m competing apparently with the England Croatia game and an apparently Croatia didn’t even exist the last time England were in the World Cup so you know it’s a big day and so I’m yes thank you it was breed some of you will know and aware had.

Contacted me and asked me if I’d do the talk this evening and when I was kind of discussing with the what did she think would be a helpful topic and she had said well look just.

Kind of talk about it from work perspective beautiful what it is that that I do in my day to day so and as marina said.

I’m her docupace non therapist in st.

Gianna guards Hospital and as an occupational therapist my and my team’s area of concern is how people’s current difficulties are impacting on their ability to carry out the everyday occupations that make up.

Their lives so that our occupations are the things we do from the minute we get out of bed in.
The morning to the minute we go to.

Bed at night so in this context it’s to do with actually how do I cope with all.

The things I need to do in my day for me to get out of bed in the.

Morning to want to go to bed.

At night and how are my mental health has my mental health impacting on those abilities all when we think about it more from a physical point of view but actually how we are feeling in ourselves has a huge impact and anybody with experience.

Of mental illness and will know the difficulties that go with actually getting out of bed.

Possibly eating our meals doing the things that we need to do and for the thing with the with all of us is we all have mental health but that we have to mind we have days when we have off days and when we’re just not performing the way we would normally perform.

But we still have the same usually the same things.

That we need to do and in our day and so I’m hoping that you know from today’s talk you’d give you at least maybe one or two things even for you to take away to think about okay and so it’s the kind of the managing for everyday life is the piece that we’re looking at and you know.

And this is I think is really.

Important that when we’re looking at at coping really what we’re talking about is we’re talking about the planning what is it that I need to do and actually how am I gonna go about the doing us instead of just kind of wandering through the day and hoping things just happen and get done okay because it is where we’re going to spend today tomorrow and the rest of our.

Days and and it’s important to consider that we’re not just talking about mental illness we’re talking about our mental health and every single one of us has a mental health that we have to mind and an awful lot of work and an awful lot of money has gone into the education about our physical health and now thankfully it’s beginning to catch up to realize you know you can’t have a physical health without mental health so we have to mind it.

We have to manage it and and some of us will tip.

Into mental illness and and actually if we mind our mental health on a day to day basis it can actually help us maybe to reduce our triggers to be able to spot them more.


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