All right everybody so welcome back to my channel this is nurse Johnson and I’m back with a shopping haul video for corn I’m entering course September 4th and I bought some supplies for my new classes pharmacology and fundamentals so I’m gonna be showing you guys the items that I picked up for pretty much the start of my core.

Program okay so first and foremost they said that we’re going to need what I need a book bag and a couple of more items so I went ahead of timing like get everything currently right now I’m on a.

Week vacation so we have a week between every four semesters okay so first I got me a bootleg it’s.

A regular blue bag it matches my uniform because my uniform is purple it was like only five I went to like a 588 store 588 because I’m in Florida so it was like a 588 store and then they beside it.

They have a 988 store where they sell shoes clothes mostly shoes for women but it had a store where they have book bags and stuff like that so I went in.

I bought me one now some items which i think is unless that you mean so what you’re going to.

Definitely mean number one it’s a planner it’s a monthly planner it is very important that you guys get a planner because nursing school is very hectic and you have to be you have to be organized like if you do not have things organized you can slip up and forget something.

And with all the work that we’re gonna have yeah you’re gonna need to write down you know certain events what’s gonna happen on this day clinicals especially for your clinicals and any work that you might have do our.

Projects you’re gonna definitely need to have it down in a planner so this is my planner and I bought this adult I bought.

This out a Dollar Tree all of my items are pretty much from Dollar Tree apart from my pens and highlighters and stuff like that I bought at Walmart and it’s cute next I have folders they’re folders just regular.

Folders Oh this matches my uniform doesn’t work purple uniform and then our clinicals we were all white this folder now I bought this I didn’t see any more but this is nice and I’m gonna tell you why – look right here it has a sit so you can actually just put paper in this part or whatever you need like maybe a project or anything like that ap paper APA paper right in here that’s secure so it doesn’t get messy or anything and then you.

Can have your work on the inside I only saw one of this and I got this at Dollar Tree as well they call this a pocket folder next I got notebooks actually have actually have a couple notebooks I bought these at Walmart these were like 88 cents that was four and now I have a composition book now these are the newer style type composition books this is a newer style type composition book isn’t it cute and it’s so flexi and me and then I like the color they.

Have so many colors I bought this at Walmart one of those is a rover this has a.

Hundred sheets this I would pretty much probably used for my fundamentals class now this one is a notebook I bought this for pharmacology this one is for pharmacology this.

I bought at Walmart and these were probably like a dollar because it was during August where they have the back-to-school saw bottle a lot of things yeah and then also a three-ring binder invest in a three-ring binder a couple a few mini but yeah yeah it’s a three-ring binder I bought this one at Dollar Tree and especially get one would like the plastic so you can like um put like a cover sheet in it see that.

Cover sheet in it on both sides if you want and then this has the pockets and then that’s right here so invest in it like this is would be good for like pharmacology.

Like all of your medications and stuff like that that’s what I plan to use this spider on also Oh yeah I also bought the black one as well the black but this one.
Doesn’t have the plastic so I plan to.

Use this for my fundamentals and these about these idolatry let’s have the two pockets yeah next I bought these multiplication cards I just.

Like to freshen up like because I just want to be fast at it this times this distance is is you know just practice my math skills a lot you know have more strength in.

My math skills I want to be more confident so I bought these little pack of multiplication cards to help me index cards you’re going to need index cards well that’s how I can grasp with the information especially with medications and dosage and vocabulary this is what I’ll use index cards.00 how many cards in here it’s 100 index hearts very important you’re gonna need them I bought these sticker notes sticker notes to do urgent and then approve so I’m just gonna use it pretty much in my folders are my own are my binder you know stick what’s what’s okay what’s perching what I got to.

Do right away and then my to-do list so that’s why I thought this was cute and I.

Actually bought it with a dollar stapler you will need a stapler when you have projects papers do more than one paper stapler a mini stapler this was.

More index cards this one is 50 I plan to use this for medication or the one for light just some math and stuff like that so this is a little on index card in a cute little package so and it comes with a like a band bought this at Dollar Tree it was.

A dollar most of your supplies you can get at Dollar Tree our Walmart see our kit that is you can put it on your key ring or whatever.

You could take it with you you can study on you know on the go pretty much just take it right out and then you just flip really cute so yeah guys that and this is a mend ology vocabulary flashcards.

Games notes ideas flipbook can hold it on your keychain I got this out of Walmart it was like two dollars two dollars and some change and basically you just can.

Put like little small Medicaid like you know medications just fit through it remember you go through it study you know it can be like it’s just little.

Flash cards you can play a game on it you know between you and your partner you know you write on it and stuff like that.

And then they can just flip and tell you is you know okay what medication does there is what medication does that that’s what I plan to use this little mineralogy for okay I.

Have one of these Crayola type boxes it has another stack of index cards I know I’m gonna need index card so I got it in.


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