Hit me up in a while like the light you’re no one um but it’s out quit them that’s it I’m a throw in the towel cuz a nigga only won’t do what you allowed you don’t want this gun smoke and upset you – no sir it’s Michelle Jones thank you guys so much for being here it means the.

World to me so as you can tell by the title of this video we aren’t going to talk about my ancestry monkey in a who is Michelle Jones what’s Michelle Jones made up so right off back I just want to say sorry for the.

Squeaking um my chair is a little crusty rusty so just don’t mind if you hear any squeaking noises so the reason I chose to do my ancestry is because growing up.
I never really knew what I was I just always knew I’m.

Black like just because of I guess my skin colour and my mom around dad like oh I’m black and I always felt like I had no culture to me I felt like I had no culture and so normally I was not normally but I guess when I was little I found myself wishing like oh.

I wish I was this or I wished I was dead and it was mainly because not how I looked but just because of they had culture like I love Hispanic people because I played to me their culture is like bomb like they have a background I know where they come from a line for me.

As an African American or a black American and some saying we don’t know I don’t know who I am I don’t know what to tell my children and so this was the main reason that I honestly did my ancestry and I’m also.

More digging I think this I start gotta interested back I plan to do more digging because I want to.

Know exactly you know where I come from yes I was born in Montgomery Alabama but I want to know more than that you know like do I mark on.
My applications or do I have.

But we’ll find out all right so we’re just gonna jump right into this I need 23 mean I did this back in December to be honest my wife and I bought this as a Christmas gift to ourselves and I’m just now honestly having the courage.

To even do this for you too because I’m going to school for Social Work and I am I have one or two semesters left I think two semesters left and so I’m taking a cultural class and it really got me to think like I really had for a second put on the back burner you know it’s like out of sight out of mind and when I started.
Taking this class it really got me to open up everything I mean -.

Like um I really got my brain to back thinking like okay Michelle you can’t keep putting this off because.

You’re afraid or like when people ask me.

In my mix I tend to get defensive because I know that I am African American I know that I’m black and most of the actual amount of mix because of my hair and I look at other stuff in the face like are you saying that cancer hair are you saying that black people aren’t this beautiful I know that I am beautiful so this.

Is like the main reason I really want to find out who I am and let’s just back with some the results all right so I’m gonna try to put it on a screen as I’m reading this so it says Michelle a hundred.

Percent I am sub-saharan Africans eighty one point seven percent.

And to me it to be honest everything bothers me because I’m just not figured out I guess what I am like what runs through my veins and well I guess we really upset because I’m just not figuring out.

I am but I guess it’s never too late to still learn about your culture and it still experience it even though I know a lot of people say that afterwards do not claim us and maybe not like this but I mean you sent our fault so I really understand what are.

We gonna keep on going so alright and I know.

Stuff Sahara Africa is very broad but they break you down to a little more sections I am with African seventy eight point two percent Central and South African one point two percent 0.1% East African and two percent bright with sub-saharan Africa alright this part kind of.

Threw me off guard I listened expecting this at all our length at all but I’m fourteen point two percent Europeans like I was not expecting that um so they broke it down.

Into detail so I am NOT put not a point four percent Northwestern European two percent British and Irish 0.1% broadly northwestern you um 1.5% Briley’s southern European and 6.1 percent from probably your pen alright and so this part I was expecting more so this is the East Asian and Native American section I was expect now a whole lot more of the Native American percentage because like my family members are still alive or like full-blooded like Native American and lay against that part miss me obviously so I am 2.5 percent East Asian and Native American 1.2 percent Southeast Asian 1% Native American 0.1% brown the East Asian and your 0.3% probably East Asian and Native American and I am 0.2 percent in Middle Eastern North African I am 1.4 percent on the side so I don’t know so I’m not sure how correct 23 media but based off.

What they sent me this is what I mean this all I.

Have to go off of I do plan to do more tests and compare the two so stay tuned for those videos and just know that if you are in my situation and you feel like you know who are just know that your DNA does not make you who you are in the thing you are what makes you you so like with the this class I’m taking I just realized.

That I have a culture at the end the daily lay the things my family and I do on holidays the ministry.

Cook the music we listen to all of that makes up who I am as a person all of that mix up my culture so if you do not know where you came from it’s okay but there’s still time to figure that out yeah thank you guys so much.

For tuning in to this video and please subscribe before you leave and I’ll see you guys in my next video it is not a sponsored video.


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