Hey guys welcome back to my channel and drea is gonna join me for this video even though it’s not an update on him or anything but he is just so warm and snuggly and I just couldn’t bring myself to move him into his little crib in today’s video I thought I would talk about my postpartum tips for a.

Happy healthy postpartum experience I have had four babies this is number.

Can safely say that this has been my easiest recovery by far I’ve just taken everything I’ve learned throughout the years and throughout all of my experiences and tried to put it all into practice with.

This one because I know this is going to be my last one I’ve had four postpartum experiences so far some of being better than others and I’ve kind of just realized throughout all of them what has made the biggest difference so I wanted to put that all into one video and talk to you guys if you are pregnant or if you have just had a baby and hopefully this will help you to have the best postpartum experience.

Ever my number one tip is to have a fit pregnancy this is going to help you probably the most with your postpartum recovery and I’m not just talking about weight loss here or fat loss or losing your belly that’s not what I mean I’m talking more ‘mentally your mental state will just naturally be better if you have had a fitter pregnancy and I know this from experience my fourth.

Pregnancy was the one that I worked out the most in the most consistently in I.

Ate the healthiest in and it just made a massive difference with my recovery in terms of how I felt mentally I just felt mentally strong you know I was nourishing my body with foods that were really good for me and.

Lots of healthy baking before having the baby but don’t be discouraged if you are pregnant and you haven’t been really good with your fitness and your eating and that kind of thing because I.

Only really started to be really consistent with this in my third trimester so it’s never too late to start even if you only.

Have like two or three weeks left you can still do.

Certain things in your pregnancy that will make you fitter and stronger and healthier so just don’t be discouraged it’s never ever too late tip number two is to get out of the house with the baby so this obviously will depend on how easy your.

Recovery physically was so obviously if you had a normal delivery and everything went smoothly you can be up and about pretty quickly but.

If you had a c-section or you have stitches or anything like that it’s going to be a little bit more uncomfortable so definitely listen to your body however I do think that for even just your mental health getting out of the house for even a ten minute walk 20 minute walk 30 minutes if you can is so beneficial for you.

And the baby because you and the baby you get vitamin D you get bonding time.

Get some fresh air and it’s just healthy for everybody obviously not all climates are going to allow this but if you could just get out.

Baby every day it will make you feel so much better at than being cooped up at home all.

Day and you just feel like you’re getting cabin fever and the walls are closing in on you I actually got this tip from my grandmother who had four children I remember her telling me this when my first two were small she was like if you do anything always try and get.

Out of the house when your kids are small because you do start to go a little bit crazy especially when you’ve got like a toddler running around or start feeling overwhelmed with the housework and you just need a different change of scenery and you need to clear your head for a little bit so I encourage you guys to put maybe or two babies if you have a baby and a toddler in a buggy or a double boogie and just go out for even just.
A ten minute walk it will make you feel so much.

Better and like you’ve accomplished something in your day my third tip is to eat every two to three hours and drink plenty of water I know this sounds like a little bit of a no-brainer and I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor anything like that but I do think that when you’re breastfeeding especially or even if you’re not even if you just had a baby and you know you’re not breastfeeding you still need your strength your energy you need to eat and you need to nourish.
Your body and going too long without food at least for.

Me gives me a headache I just feel so rubbish tired exhausted and I start to get a really bad headache if I don’t eat so.

Especially if you are breastfeeding you need to eat every two to three hours and try and pick foods you don’t have.

To be super clean all the time but just try and pick foods that are whole.

Foods that nourish your body and that you know are good for you I think especially when you’re breastfeeding it’s really important to not try and diet and lose weight straight away you.

Definitely want to get healthy carbs and their healthy fats protein stuff like that but trying.

To cut calories or trying to cut out food groups like carbs is just such a bad idea because your body just needs that I actually think I eat the most when I am breastfeeding and it’s for a.

Reason – another tip is to carry a bottle of water around with you at all times and you will be reminded to drink like I said especially.

If you’re breastfeeding like I.

Try and drink three of these a day I probably drink a bit two and a half if I’m honest but I try and get in three a day and it just makes me feel so much better tip number four is to.

Accept help when it is offered so you know.

How when you have a baby people will offer their services or offer their help to you whether its family members.

Or you know a neighbor offers to cook you a meal don’t be shy about accepting that help because a lot of times as women I think we feel like or as mothers especially we feel like we want to make it seem like we have it all together.

And we don’t need any help from anybody and that we have it all under control but the.

Reality of it is though when you have a baby you need all the support that you can get and so definitely don’t feel any shame in accepting help whether it’s somebody offers cook you meals somebody offers to take your other kids off you for the day definitely just accept the help whether you need to hire a babysitter or ask your husband to chip.


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