For the CEOs of the company and we’re very excited to be on this call tonight we definitely have a full line there’s no doubt about it this call was definitely predicted to sell out way beyond our capacity that we can hold people on phone lines and know many of the leaders have their phone lines bridged in as well.

Best tonight to deliver the goods in terms of thrive fit the fitness intense performance line by thrive powered by LaBelle tonight’s call my goal is to give you insight into each.

Of these three products the first introductory products of the dock drive fit product line give you some tips on how to work them into your routine and to work them in to your fitness schedule whatever it is you do and also some tips on how to incorporate it into your current thrive experienced routine or regimen.

With our three main products and or any of the other plus line products that you currently take real quick before we get the.

Calls started I do want to do a very quick intro on what is stride what is without.

I know that this call had a lot of invites going out to people that may have not heard about thrive may have not heard about what valid also they.

That they don’t they don’t know about throwing a fit they don’t know about the Thrive experience but so I just don’t.

Want to leave those people hanging so if this is your first time being on a Lebel call or this.

Is your first introductory to what is thry there is a whole world way way way before the world you’re going to hear about tonight known this live fit in that world that predates through I said is called to thrive 8 week experience it’s a premium grade nutritional system.

Years ago that led to a billion dollar movement in.

Just under five years today we are not aware of any other nutritional system nutritional product any other supplement vitamin any other health and wellness products acquiring the amount of customers in the short amount of time that the ride experience did well over 10 million people have experienced the three powerhouse products that led to this billion-dollar brand called LaBelle.

Made the word thrive an icon I mean I remember back in 2011 when we were you know trying to figure out what to name the company what we.

You know late 2011 early 2012 what we were going to name the company what was the product line going to.

Be called and you know we actually had the word thrive for the product line before we knew what the company name was going to be and I remember looking on the government trademark and patent website and you can.

Do general searches about you know who has things trademarked what classification do they.

Have them trademark for and I remember just doing a very quick you know but deep study on thrive and what’s thrive being used.

In nutritional products and really there wasn’t a lot of thrive trademark at all I mean anywhere you.

Know thrive was kind of this unique name and it still is today but now you look around you and everything is named thrive right and these companies have come.

Out in the last 12 months you know everyone they doesn’t matter what business is being launched it’s.


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