Hey guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video I am probably like the most excited about this makeup look I saw on Instagram by this makeup artist actually my first time attempting this look but I saw it on Instagram and I fell in love like it is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen so this makeup look is.

By the artist Rosie mutti and she is so talented this is my actual inspiration picture right here but she.

Was actually inspired by someone as well an artist named Lauren Elise and I’ll have her photo and her account on the screen somewhere as well she’s the original creator of this concept if you look at haven’t done anything really like boria like the only thing that was kind of like creepy and like weird.

Was the purge one that I did on my hands here if you guys haven’t seen it go check it.
Out because it was dope I’m you know.

That further ado let’s go ahead.

And get into this and makeup.

Actually not wait subscribe I forgot to say that okay subscribe if you guys aren’t already it’s the fun time over here we’re very chill very nice very kind to each other I feel like actually never really talked about it but you guys are literally the best like whenever I’m talking you know like my friends who are also makeup artists like oh my god like your followers are.

Still nice eyes are literally so understanding and dope and like you’re always supportive like I always catch you guys supporting each.

Other in the comments all that and I just live for it so yeah I love you guys so much definitely join the family if you guys aren’t a part of it already it’s a wonderful time over here okay no drama no tea no none of that okay it’s just makeup and chill vibes okay yes that was cringy guys I did my brows so differently – yeah if you guys can like see it but I kind of like mimic those Instagram.

Brows I’ve been seeing lately there’s always I swear to God every like year there’s a new eyebrows Ren and this one is I at first when I saw his eyebrow trend like very bushy like barely filled in more justify like the actual hairs and I.

Was kind of like not that into it but now I like love the look of that but I’m kind of like testing it out on myself okay let me know if you guys like how my eyebrows with today cuz I did with them really differently if you.

Them let me know maybe also much too real because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done an eyebrow tutorial and they’ve changed like literally so much oh ok so to start off this makeup look I’m gonna be.

Priming and I’ve been using this a lot lately this is the Laura Geller spackle treatment.

And this is a primer with a lot of glow to it the reason that I like this is because this is the only like glowy illuminating primer that actually shows underneath my foundation and like gives me such a pretty glow so I’m just applying.

This like where I want to be globally just like my forehead my cheeks okay guys so now for foundation I honestly I’m like wondering if I should do the whole kind of like bottom half of my face and the muscles I’m kind of thinking I just want to.

Do like one cheek and have it like fade out like with my chin but I’m not sure so I’m just gonna do my foundation and mostly because I have no idea what I want to do yet I’m mainly just applying the foundation on my.

Forehead and my cheeks and my nose I like my chin and stuff I’m kind of avoiding this cheek right here seed you rescued that like below that’s still like peeking through I know I’m kind of like figuring out how to do this loop as I go so I’m gonna do my concealer on this side of my face I think I’m.

Just gonna avoid this whole area until I do like my eyes okay then I’m gonna go ahead and set using my milk blur makeup setting how do you guys know I’ve been like raving about this it’s so so good smack she’s gonna go ahead and get started on the eyes now so yeah I just wanna get.

My eyes out of the way and then worry about this whole thing okay so I’m just gonna take my pee wees and make a face and the shader rumor and I’m just gonna prime it using this so I’m just me taking my pinky’s palette and I’m gonna be grabbing this shade called Queen you know on a morphe I’m a 4-3-3 brush my base is still wet I’m just gonna kind of hat I like to do this with this primer I feel.
Like it makes the color looks Oh insane so.

I just like pack it all over and then once I kind of have it packed on I’m just gonna lightly diffuse out the.

Edges finding this literally all over my lid area and going like small circular motions and like gradually above it out it’s not as harsh when we go and with the next color so I’m gonna take a little bit of this shade right here which is called burnt on this is a morphe chocolate Hill brush this.

Is the JH 31 and I’m just gonna take that and buff it around the edges of this so once I do that I’m grabbing another clean brush and this is a more um.

518 brush and I’m grabbing this shade hey Louise this c’mere transition kind of color so I’m trying to sweep this around the edges of this eyeshadow so I went ahead and did the.
Other eye off-camera and I applied at my lashes.

If you guys are wondering these ugly little lashes in Miami.

My favorite ever and you guys can use the discount code Tina just say but 15% off your purchase ahead.

Lily lashes I’m just gonna go ahead and finish up my face on like.

This side so I’m turning my bronzer and blush and a highlight so for my bronzer I’m taking a thief eh cosmetics brilliance bronzer and this one is in the shade of golden cow okay and then for blush I’m taking my Mac peaches blush you guys know the true real with.

I’m just going in with my highlighter this one is the laura geller it gilded honey so I’m just gonna start off actually it’s a wipe off that kind of like mapping thing I did because my postmates was here and some reason you couldn’t come up to my apartment side to go way down there out in the : back to wipe off a little markings because I looked in the same so yes we’re gonna redo.

Those now I’m actually gonna make it like a little bit lower this time though because.

I don’t really like how high it was because if I were to go in with concealer around it it would kind of mess up my eyeshadow so I’m just gonna draw a little bit shorter and I’m like pointing it up here how are you guys so I just found a picture online I’m gonna kind of follow.


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