Hey guys welcome today I am making another instant pot recipe that you can throw everything in you set it and you’re done so the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of you commenting saying you want more instant pot recipes I’ve even had a few people texting me saying okay sure some more so today I’m sharing with you.

One of the easiest instant pot recipes because you literally are gonna throw everything in you set it and you walk away so today we’re gonna make my chicken teriyaki bowls now usually when you make chicken teriyaki balls you have to cook your chicken separately cook your rice separately cook your.

Vegetables separately but with the instant pot you can do them all at one time now before I get started with this recipe be sure to subscribe to my channel and push that little bell so you can get all of the notifications every time we post to youtube all right guys let’s go.

Make these chicken teriyaki.

Bowls that literally take a few minutes to throw together alright so first I’m gonna start with my vegetables I have some broccoli and a bag of carrots I like to use the small bag of carrots but you can use whatever you want and then I cut mine in half just so my.

Kids can have a bite of carrots without trying to shove that whole thing in their mouth but if you want to make it simple and easier go ahead and just leave the carrots small without.

Cutting them so once my carrots are chopped then I’m just going to cut off my broccoli now in the instant pot it cooks the broccoli really well so you don’t have to chop.

Your broccoli any more than this next I’m going to add three chicken breasts to the bottom of my instant pot so I’m using a 6.
You’re going to use a 3 quart to make sure you cut this recipe in half then.

You’re just going to dump your cut-up vegetables right.

On top of the chicken next I’m gonna add two cups of brown rice now you can use white rice but I really like the brown rice a few people mentioned that they like to soak their rice before dumping it in that is totally fine too alright next I’m.

Going to add two and a half cups.

Of chicken broth now this should give you enough liquid to cook the rice and to cook the rest of the vegetables and chicken in the instant pot all right so now you’re just gonna put your lid on top make sure you close it make sure.

Your little vent is on ceiling not venting Sealink then make sure you set your timer I pushed the meet button and I’m gonna do it for 20 minutes because my meat is thawed then with this recipe I’m gonna do a quick release that means I’m gonna let all the steam out at once now I’m.
Gonna go hunting for my chicken.

So I know it’s in there on the bottom so I’m gonna pull it out the best I can it will fall apart because pressure cooker.

Makes your meat so good and so juicy so just try your best to get it out then I’m just going to shred my chicken now you can get a really sharp knife and cut it into chunks but for me it’s just easier to shred my chicken all right.

Shredding you’re gonna just dump it back into your instant pot then mix your.

Chicken in really well with the rice and the vegetables now you can add your teriyaki sauce right now but I like to add it in individual servings because I don’t like very much and my kids love it so they like to add a lot more than.

I usually do so after you pour on your teriyaki sauce you’re just gonna mix it in with your rice your chicken and all your vegetables I like.

To add green onions on top of mine.

Alright guys that is it for my instant pot recipe today thank you so much for suggesting to.

Make more if you want to see more instant recipes be sure to give me a thumbs up and comment below alright guys I hope you have a great day we’ll see you later.


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