This is scratch your own itch the one show that delivers the conversations that we’re afraid to share but this show is all about creating a life worth living I’m Logan Tyler Nelson and I’m your host so you’re gonna hear conversations with creators and entrepreneurs talk about what they do their current and past dramas how they became who they.

Are and what they are truly curious about this is the show where we talk about the things we think about a lot but need to talk about more please take note that this show is not a substitute.

A life worth living because this show will stir your beliefs make you question what.

It means to create a life worth living so my promise to you is to always give you one question to answer for yourself today to start turning your dreams into reality alright alright hey ladies and.

Gents alright this is a cool.

Little episode I just got to get off my head this is cool these little mini so it’s just because straight up like I think minisodes are such an opportunity to like.

Really listen to someone’s thoughts and you know we read books why because we want to see ourselves in stories.

And so that’s why these mini cells are so cool but I’ve got a real question for you you for like realize that sometimes you’re doing something you’re working really hard for this so called angle career this thing called retirement to get out to finally rest to be a piece and I wonder is there something that you love working on right now.

And you would actually spend a lot of your time doing it right now and you would do.
In exchange of course we have to be paid for.

Our hard work but I wonder if there is something that you do that you would really pay for so I want you to take a moment after you listen to this so maybe just brainstorm it and I think hitting the record button on your phone could be a.

Great way to maybe listen back and think about it so there’s this awesome futurist writer his name’s called Kevin Kelly and Kevin Kelly talks about how when he was traveling people would ask him you know what he’s out there for and and how.

We have so much time on his hands just do whatever he wants and they asked you even the rich people that would see him at these cafes would be like what -.

Wow what do you do are you retired young man already as your young age and Kevin gali would would respond with and no I just I decided that I just wanted to save up a couple grand and just do whatever I wanted and he found out that these rich people.

Didn’t feel nearly as rich as Kevin why because they were tied up they didn’t have any time to actually do what they wanted to do anymore they had to work on their business or work on their other endeavors or work on their family all the time and they just didn’t have any time for themselves so when people do come into people’s lives and they ask him to do things like meditation or try out a new workout or do something that’s outside of their normal range of habits it is hard so I want you.

To simply start small simply start small by taking 15 minutes in the morning – asking yourself this question and answering it into a microphone just 15 minutes you don’t want heck do one third of it do for five minutes ask.

Yourself this if I had a tombstone and there was a phrase on this tombstone what would I like on that tombstone just three sentences three sentences I’ll share with you mine just because why not Logan Tyler Nelson was the best part of my day and he never ever took from the people that were not ready to be taken from he.

Only came here to get value that’s a sign 19 yourself and I’ll own up to it and I really want that to be on there and maybe yours is different that’s okay that doesn’t matter what matters is that you do it that you try it that you.

See if that tombstone will actually change but a tombstone is concrete for a reason it doesn’t morph too much but when you figure it out a lot more things get super hyper focus for you when you know it’s on your tombstone when I have the chance to be the best part of someone’s day that puts.

A lot of things in perspective so don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for me please and if you take the time to share this that would mean the world to me thank you so much that would be.

So cool honestly that’d be so cool but don’t afraid yet you do matter in your enough Wow Wow you’ve made it to the.
Very end of the show thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of.

Scratch your own itch with your host Logan Tyler Nelson to.

Make it to the end gosh that doesn’t happen very much nowadays I mean especially with the constant distraction so I appreciate all of the efforts that you just took out of your day to make to the end and if you hit that subscribe button and leave a review you would have no idea what that.

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Show but don’t ever forget like si you matter and you’re not.



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