Hey what’s going on guys it’s Jay with SDK Fitness in life thank you so very much for watching another one of my live streams it’s a late one it’s like 219 on the East Coast and I wanted to talk about how I lost my scarcity mindset it’s gonna be an important video video that I feel can help a.

Lot of not just men out but men and women but probably mostly men because before I even I can say that if I.

Had not have gotten rid of my scarcity mindset I would still be so far behind I would still have so many just things.

And getting the same result and complaining about set result so let’s talk briefly about what someone says Dakota Johnson keep doing anything I speak a thank you thank you Dakota I surely will um so let’s talk briefly what is scarcity so if we think about you know something that is valuable typically it’s only valuable because it’s scarce so for example let’s use even though we know diamonds aren’t scarce let’s use diamonds so the De Beers companies or whatever has two diamonds we.

Pay exorbitant amount of prices for said diamonds because you know whoa these are only the few diamonds in the world or how about a better example let’s say a painting of really popular painting like a van Gogh or a DaVinci or something like that it’s scarce because it’s like this is the only painting of its kind therefore its scarce so when we have a scarcity mindset that means that whatever we are scared to lose or whatever we.

Scarce we tend to treat it more valuable we tend to you know treat that as if it’s a precious asset just like with you know our car it’s scarce right it’s just one we only have one so we tend to treat things that are scarce as valuable here’s the problem with the scarcity mindset and you know scarcity mindset isn’t the worst thing only when it’s applied correctly so for.

Example things that are yours that are valuable to you you should treat as scarce because it’s valuable it’s yours so for example a family heirloom right say your granddad left you a gun that is from World War two so again there’s no issue of being heavily.

Scarcity myself of that because it’s the only one of us you wanna protect them and keep it here’s the issue of discussion Iman said that a lot of.

Us guys have and we’re our downfall is we are we have a scarcity mindset first of all with what women this is the only woman of her kind she is rare she is a jewel she is so unique there is nothing no one else like her in the world therefore because I believe her.

To be the only one of her kind as such I will treat her as a rarity okay how about a career this is the only job of its kind I buy you this job above all else there is no other job like this if I were not to have this job I would.

Not have the same standard of living that I have so you get the idea of a scarcity mindset but those things we should not be scarce about because those things are in abundance believe it or not those those.

Things and many other things such as what’s jewelry right how many deers you know or how about this when the big rims were out and you were paying.
$4,000 for rims more than your chevrolet caprice was worth but.


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