Everyone and welcome back to the channel today we went to Costco if you can already tell from the opening footage and I’m going to show you what we got all right so we picked up some of these pretzel crisps crisps crisps for Ezra lunch as well as these organic Slammers the kids are over there playing what I love.

About Costco is that you can find a ton of like snack items and things for kids lunches there and they’re typically organic and fairly healthy so we got that and that for.

Ezra I picked up pasta because this huge pack is like seven bucks and it’s.

Organic I’m sorry if it’s loud because the kids are playing we got these avocados and fun fact if you get them and they’re hard just leave them in the bag on the counter and they will ripen up usually.

It just takes a few days and then you’ve got awesome avocados these are the Kirkland protein bars my husband eats these a lot throughout the day for like snaps and stuff.

The some Himalayan pink salt or obsessed with this some canned green beans for whenever we.

Run out of fresh stuff and we’re too lazy to go the grocery store we’ve got these Josie’s organic romaine leaves sometimes we’ll do like little wraps with.

Like pepperoni and cheese and David I’ll cut these up and we’ll put them in like a salad and we’ve got like a super power greens salad mix these last forever by the way like the freshness I don’t know what it is about it it like lasts so much longer than.

When we go to the regular grocery store and then we also have some Brussels sprouts to cook up with.

And then I have lunch meat for our lunches okay and I also got some clothes from Costco you didn’t know costco is an amazing place to get clothes from.

Usually we try to buy like secondhand or things like that but I needed some work clothes and these are really good quality I have a jacket that I’ve won for like six years from there and the only reason I’m buying a new one is because it.

Got some sunspot damage on it from being left in my car but it’s a little chaotic we’re like kind of.

Coming out of lunchtime and going into nap time right now so I’m gonna try and film this as best as possible do a little stuff there you’re hungry we just ate a turkey sandwich from Costco so hungry do you.

Want some smoothie this is some of the stuff that.

I got at Costco I’m just going to show you really really quick I got this sweater that I can either wear just kind of like lounging.

Around the house or to the office I work at a Nature Center so I try to dress up a little bit but I don’t have to get super super dressy unless I have like a meeting me we’re donors will be present or like an event or something and I found this sweater that’s got kind of like I don’t know like a nice little sheer undergarment to it and both of these sweaters.

Are super soft and like they just feel like really good quality oh and I got one more sweater he’s like and see what this is.

Donna Care in New York I mean this sweater was 1297 or some like weird amount like that at Costco these retail for like 50 bucks so good deals I got a new jack it’s very similar to my old jacket that I got from Costco it’s the little puffer jacket and.


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