Mitch hey obviously I learned about you a couple weeks ago and then you and I have been in contact and I am honored that you are bringing me on because I think you do some really awesome stuff so it’s really cool to be to be on here and then to see some of the people that I.

See every night are currently hanging out oh my god that makes me so happy it makes me so.

Happy that like I could because we’re on a similar mission.

In like in different ways we’re on a similar mission so I love that I could be like hey well I’m about to stream and then all your people are like hey we’re looking for somebody who stream stuff like this who isn’t dr. Mick when he’s not on and they don’t come over here and then my guys are all like hey we’re gonna go watch dr.
matĂ© because because you’re not on and then.

They just keep doing that just keep cycling through DJ thank you so much for the follow people.

Are saying that I am really quiet all right let me fix let me fix it up okay that should be that should be better okay I’ll go ahead and say a thing right now so we can.

See if that’s better make sure usually I’m too loud on my stream oh well this is not that’s on me that’s on me I had like turned it down so the music wouldn’t be too loud much better there you go all right you gotta get with the mic basically serene you’re not wrong you’re not wrong but thank you for letting me know thank you for letting.

You couldn’t hear him we’ll definitely we could definitely turn turn him up I’m so cool I don’t know it you’re the coolest no it’s cool own it it’s awesome it hurts my body to be as cool I am somedays I just I just have to tell you but it’s been super sweet like stopping by your streams and seeing how you interact with your community it’s just been awesome and I’m really excited clearly very excited to have the to be having this conversation.

With you as well feeling’s mutual yeah so is that why I hurt maybe maybe if you’re as awesome as I am it can be painful yes there’s absolutely side effects I feel it – melon Nicki hi everybody from.

Doctor mix community thank you thank you so much everybody come in your San Jose already oh my gosh I’m seeing your face in two days I’m so excited TD Val thank you so much for coming by um I think I just did something called cringing impossible.

To have somebody cringe reminds me of was fall or we’re gonna dive right into it.

Because we have nine questions and then we have questions that you guys have asked since then so.

We got a bunch to go through this is obviously this is gonna be the most dry episode we’re gonna talk in a monotone voice and just explain to you question I avoid like the plague yeah do you just like can’t do you how do.

You navigate around that because sometimes you need to ask right sometimes yes so there are quarters that.

I can cut with that question because what’s funny is anytime I add like any time I feel compelled to ask how does that make you feel like I just I know that it’s.

Gonna come along with just a bunch of cringe and.

So ways that I’ve learned to circumnavigate that or to say things like and what’s that like what goes on for you when you hear that you know tell me tell me about your experience of having heard that yeah those types of things those are good ways.

To get a feelings instead of just being like initiator and how do you think that reaction to the question hi everybody alright so what made you become interested in mental health and why did you decide to do it do this professionally alright so I’m gonna try and give the shortened version of this just so I don’t spend.

Forever talking about it because it was a bit of a complex I mean this is your show so you can okay so all.

The stories and then and then that happened go ahead so we all right so I’m gonna start at my freshman year of high school or no sorry my freshman year of college and then I’m gonna go backwards.

Okay 1990 so I when I was a freshman in college I actually originally went to school to be in advertising.

But the reason that I had gone into advertising was because I like the psychological aspect of it mm-hm the part of it actually got ruined for me in high school when I was in an AP art class but anyway so I took it I took a in an advertising.

Class and I hated it I was like well I don’t want to do this and then at the same time I had a sociology class where the professor was a retired couple and family therapists so I got to I really liked the guy.

And I got to know him and asked him about what it was like and he would tell me about what it was like and what it did was it called back the time when I was in middle school and high schools now is.

Where we’re gonna zoom back here for a second days of AOL Instant Messenger for those of you her in here that remember that I was literally the keeper of like gossip and information so I would be up my parents I’d be on the computer doing ham whatever it like nine 10 o’clock at night and my parents would.

Stop by and they’d say don’t stay up too late Brian and I’d say okay mom and dad and then I would be up until 2 or 3 o’clock in the middle of the night talking to people about their relationships talking to people about what was going on for them like any I mean just like 10 to 12 messages at any given time if people talk stableboy the healer you were always.

The healer I was the dude yeah you had a relationship problem and you needed somebody to listen to you and talk about.

It with I was the guy and so I figured if if for what 7 years people were doing that almost nightly I must be good at it there must be something about this that I’m doing right and so I thought if I could make a career out of that that’d be ballin like why wouldn’t I do that if I if clearly this is something I’m good at and I really love.

People and I love hearing about relationships and figuring them out like I totally want to do this so he was like yeah well you should totally be a couple of Family Therapist then it’s like Deedle so I transferred transferred schools and transferred from Michigan State to Purdue and then I switched from psychology to Human Services which was a more applied version of Psych so I didn’t take like abnormal.

Psych classes or anything like that I wanted to take more of the like systemically minded type classes so I did that got my bachelor’s in Human Services from Purdue and then I went to get my master’s in marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University Northwestern I’m a wildcat so no the one in Chicago wait.

Okay I don’t know my things that’s all right no no that’s good there’s a northwestern out in Seattle but no this is the one in Chicago okay okay wild cat you made me feel a little bit better it’s all good Chicago’s Big Ten team I spent two years at Northwestern getting my degree in family therapy which is the terminal degree for marriage and family therapy like you don’t actually have to go beyond you can be a practitioner and you can be licensed as an MFT after your master’s degree but I.

Then said well I want to teach and I want to supervise and I want to do more than just see clients.

I needed some level of diversity in my career and so I decided to go get my doctorate and I got my PhD in human development with a specialization in marriage and family therapy from Virginia Tech okay and that took me I was in Blacksburg Virginia for two years doing coursework and teaching and research and all this other.

Fun stuff and then I did a one year doctoral internship as a visiting faculty member at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and so I then graduated with my PhD in human development which was actually something I didn’t realize was gonna happen when I went into my doctorate I.

Thought I was getting a PhD in marriage family therapy that’s a whole nother story right but I had luckily I liked development so well I was down to that and then yeah and so then now I’m I’m where I’m currently.

Employed and just as I have to say and stuff like this the stream and all the stuff that I do with the stream is.

That representative of my current employer it’s something I do is a passion project in my spare time you hear that current employer not in any way representative of where I currently work I have to say the the skyline is just absolutely beautiful behind you I’m kind of mesmerized that’s so I always like the point of people like this little gap right here that’s Wrigley Field Oh amazing amazing and then you.

Really clever when I was about to get married and I called him my finance a because the wedding was weddings.
Are expensive and I’m very clever even though we.

Did not have an expensive wedding I just you know we’re not going to either yeah so but anyway so you also have a fiance and that’s okay she is.

A therapist as well yeah she actually she came on stream a couple weeks ago but she is also a couple and Family Therapist how does OH how does.

How does that family dynamic work like is that it’s how are those arguments like I hear you and I hear what you’re saying but I think we should do a.

Role play where I am you and you or me no literally none.

Of that happens we still fight like normal people I will.

Say though that like I and I think she would say the same thing we each need to be with a therapist because having the lingo and having the language is really helpful for us and has been a real source of strength in our relationship.

So I I quite like it her and I had both had relationships where we were not with therapists and they were stressful yeah and so it’s just it’s better that we both know it and but no we still fight like normal people.

We fight like don’t like the nor me yeah like the layman my husband my husband has a mental illness and we talk about.

The fact that like it definitely helps bring a dimension and like patience like there’s a there’s a fight aspect to it that’s very like we know what’s going on in the other person’s head and then sometimes you don’t know what’s.

Good do don’t you dare open it look okay to do it at some point come on oh I got viewers in here that have been waiting for you guys you got four you podcast listeners thank you so much for tuning in dr. Mike has just opened what’s the flavor key lime key a key lime McCrory cries the.

Best fight me BK I thought we were friends I thought I knew you Lacroix yeah I know I’ve heard it I never know what the actual pronounce.

Look Roy’s how they’ve Americanized it but I mean the French if you were to speak French you’d say Lacroix yeah that’s I mean that’s so you could just like say it like an American it’s like fine you know well I like Lacroix we had a whole thing in my stream going on the other night where we were trying to think of.

Other words that we could spell with the oix oh why and people are not allowed to say they’re not allowed to spell boy without oh is I.

Feel like that pop concern is conditioning me to think about psychology I actually like.

That that’s not the worst public road can that’s not that’s not the worst i know i’ve pavlov to the people in my stream like I’ve literally conditioned them that when they hear a pop tab open and they it’s a Lacroix they’re expecting that I’m gonna flash on the screen whatever the nearest screen nearby.

Is the only thing that would make it better is if he had a corgi lounging in the background I know I would love that my fiancĂ© loves Courtney’s oh I’m not I’m not a dog person but Courtney’s are cute but yes she.

Ever had a dog it would be she would be jumping up in doctor I have one I have one I wish I could bring him onto the screen but he’s like.

Asleep in the other room usually when I’m streaming but yeah I have.

Personality they are the most and VK actually owns my dogs brother that’s how we met we like met through a social club of Corgi people so it’s intense owning activity oh yeah but they they have like they have like a really different interesting personality we are weird as listen you I am norm I’m one of the laymen.

Oh that’s so fascinating German Shepherd Corgi mix that would be so and it card iguana hi and no I don’t know that I’ve said hello to you I’m not a polarized everybody by saying I’m not a dog person I’m a cat person yes we usually have arguments about.

Cats versus dogs on here I have.

A dog so like in the end dogs win because that’s the only thing that can be on the screen because it’s my stream but yeah right yeah this is it that’s right alright question.

Do how do I find a therapist.

Okay so that I actually get that ball obviously this is frequently asked questions I get that question a lot I get all these questions like question a lot how do you find a therapist okay so there’s a couple ways to do it the first thing that you have.

To figure out with whether you’re gonna see a therapist is I hate to say this but unfortunately it’s the case just how you’re gonna pay for it kind of what you can afford and so if you have good insurance then that sort of opens up a lot of doors for you but first I’m going to talk about what happens if you don’t have insurance if you.

Don’t have insurance or if you don’t have good insurance that’s accepted by people finding a therapist can be hard but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you.

Think if you have a local university that has a psychology program or an MFT program there’s likely going to be a clinic that is on that University’s campus where you can see a therapist on a sliding scale.

Which means that you pay relative to what your income is sometimes people will pay as little as five dollars so that’s one place that you can go to look the other thing is you can look for community agencies in the area and then you can also seek a therapist.

Out on a service such as like Psychology Today I they do not sponsor me but I talk about them.

Always like to say that like I don’t send people there because they sponsor me I send people there because that’s like the de-facto place to go yeah I send a lot of like resources from there and it’s because like the people who write on there usually have.

Accessible language for like really difficult like a lot like there’s a reason that the website and every and the magazine.

Is as popular as it is totally and totally.

Yeah and so use that because it is a great source and.

It is reviewed by other professionals in the field and it’s it’s it’s a great resource it’s a great like anybody can read this and get a basic gist and the fact that they have a therapist search is just like the bomb diggity oh it’s great like.

I mean the only thing with Psychology Today where I ever encourage people to take it with a grain of salt is sometimes people will write like opinion type pieces.

On Psychology Today and sometimes you just have to be careful with like not making an overgeneralization based on an article that’s out on Psychology Today right but other than that like actually finding a therapist beautiful so like you.

It by the language that you’d like to speak you can filter it by the insurance that a person takes you can filter it by ask great you can filter.

It by the issues that they treat so that’s a.

Really good way to do it and I really do think.

That also sorry you also and stuff yeah you do yeah you get it right up and.

Way as a therapist when you go on psychology today to create a profile they don’t give you a template so what a person writes in their profile as a therapist is coming from them and so what I say.

To people all the time is that like if that doesn’t speak to you keep moving so wait until you find a profile where when you read it it speaks to you because I think that’s.


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