What’s up YouTube but welcome back to my youtube channel today we’re just gonna talk all about the boobs it’s boob day today but today I am talking about boobs both guys and girls like boobs so why not make a video about boobs both before I get started though talking about boobs I just make this a drinking game like.

Time I say the word boobs you guys should drink boobs I’m just.

Kidding let’s not do that I don’t want everyone getting drunk but maybe if you guys didn’t get more likes on my video okay so before I get started in the video um I did post a video about the truth about breast augmentation on my youtube I will link the video so you guys can check that out I literally talk about everything in that video so I’ll link the video guide.

For you guys in this video so you guys can watch that.

But so today I am actually gonna take you ladies through a workout that’s for this area right here that we all hate it’s the boot fat the.

Armpit fat like I don’t only know what you want to call it but it’s this area right here it’s been highly requested a lot of people ask me how do you minimize this and I have a killer workout for you.

Guys you ladies if you want to do this every other week it’s really gonna help minimize that so we’re gonna help tone this area so moving on also I did a beauty hack video in the beauty hack video I give out tons of my beauty hacks I talk about you know self-tanner I talk about hair extensions I talk about my favorite bra so I’ll also link that video so you guys.

Can check it out it’s one of the most viewed videos on my page so I’ll link that so you guys can also view that but I talked about the up bra and in that video I talked.

About it being strapless but because.

I love that broad so much I actually now got the t-shirt bra and that’s actually what I’m wearing right now so if you guys are wondering what is going on up here it’s the new.

Up bra then I’m obsessed with I mean it just makes the girls look amazing let me tell you but unlike that one this one actually has straps but the thing that I love about this particular bra and the straps is that the straps don’t dig.

Into your skin it’s completely comfortable it does have a wiring down here but again it’s super comfortable you cannot even feel it I have two black one which I have this one on but I’m just.

Going to show you guys what it looks like so I got the black and the white so this is what the t-shirt bra looks like.

Just like this so it’s super comfortable it’s literally like you’re wearing a t-shirt okay so this is what it looks like and let me show you if I could even kind of.

Zoom in on this maybe okay so if you guys can see let me show you guys why it’s called the up bra so in its eyes the inside of the bra but see here where you can have.

These straps right here so you you could actually unhook these you see how the girls.

Nice and perky in together well that’s because it has a strap right here you can actually pull and hook it here so when you pull and hook it under it just really pulls the girls.

More together so that’s one thing about this bra that you can not find in another bra to literally.


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