Everyone’s fix about it it’s important that it’s not only people who suffer from inner depression or anorexia or bipolar disorder or anxiety or a schizophrenia but that talk about it important to I think create a very peaceful and a very good intentioned environment for people that actually suffer from mental health issues to feel comfortable and to feel confident.

Enough to speak about it and not be ashame and have to hide it’s important to always I think have a very positive attitude towards mental health issues even if you’re ignorant about certain conditions and no one.

Knows everything about everything it’s important to be open-minded and to never really put a judgment or to never be too quick to judge people it’s a condition that affects people lives in ways that we cannot always come pre and or even imagine and I think it’s something we should always always keep in mind because as someone who has anxiety and also had very severe anxiety in the past I’ve had behaviors that were very odd for the people that weren’t very i want to say.

Surprising and sort of rude even sometimes but it was.

Not my intention at all and i wish people would be more educated and more open-minded and always keep in mind that it could.

Be you because this person has an issue with a crowded places our relationships our intimacy it’s always important to remember that people suffer and they don’t often talk about it and they don’t have like a little sign saying i suffer from that or.

Higher that kind of stuff secondly it one thing i want to say is that as much as i said if yes it’s very important for everyone.

To talk about it Anderson edits everyone business in a way I think it’s also very important to not try to minimize or completely diminish or even deny the importance of the conditions it’s important for example to not think oh my god I am stressed as well.

Sometimes and sometimes I feel very anxious so I know why feels like you have anxiety or to have social anxiety because I don’t you know I’m not talking in front of people different things as much as being sad or sometimes a little bit ah you know that’s so good it’s not the same as being depressed I think it’s very important though to keep things clear and because.

I can personally say that for.

Me the fact that so many people throw where the way without actually meaning things military difficult for me to realize that I had.

An issue that was real and to make the first move to go to therapy and see a psychologist people suffer from any kind of mental health issues don’t be ashamed and talk about it you know how to talk about it to everyone you.

Kind of you know come out it’s a neccessity to search for help and to stick for help for professional help and.
I know that it’s not affordable.

For everyone I know that it can be very pricey but I think there are always options and solutions think that’s very common to people who actually have any kind of mental health.

Issue depending on what kind of viously and it is that we never really think that we had it completely and I was really scared i would go to my therapist and she would like laughs at me and say you don’t have anything wrong why are you here you have to resend yourself and if something is really holding.
You back on if something is making you and easy and.

Happy you have to talk about it.



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