Hello everyone and welcome to Etienne I’m your host almond Dylan and today in the show we are talking about disability claims for stress at work and mental health joining me in the discussion as personal injury lawyer Danish co tech from Co tech la sir it’s good to have you back at 18 how are you thank you it’s great.

To be back and you know you and I were discussing before the show there’s been some very big high-profile celebrity suicides due to mental illness recently so this is.
Just not an issue for celebrities this is affecting.

Us all do we have an idea of how big of an issue it is here in Canada you know you’d.

Be very surprised one in five Canadians at some point in their life will experience mental illness and we can look around us count 1 2 5 1 in 5 furthermore 8 percent of.

Adults is going through depression and these are stats they’re reliable statistics and it it’s an invisible illness mental illness and it is heart-wrenching to hear about the high profile suicides of people we.

Know people we we’ve learned to respect and watch on on TV and and buy from.

And so and so forth but what is equally heart-wrenching are what.

I would say are the invisible people those everyday people who go to work and struggle.

Or can’t work and struggle and are getting help to a certain extent.

Or not getting help and who are often being ignored by the medical.

System or being denied legitimate claims because their illness cannot be touched you can’t see mental illness on an x-ray on an ultrasound on a CT scan unless there’s an.

Organic a brain injury and what we’re seeing there are very unfortunate results for people in their lives in their ability to earn income and their ability to have social interactions so this year I believe it was in May was.

In 2018 we had Mental Health Awareness Month and I think society is starting to change and look at mental illness as being very legitimate and being something that should be taken out of a stigma based outlook that people can come forward and acknowledge I’m depressed I have anxiety I have a phobia please help instead of keeping it in and letting it boil and boil.

In and having their lives disrupted and unfortunately there.

Are many people who have committed suicide because they were ignored by whether.

It be the medical system or by their work or disability insurers you know the biggest misconceptions I think is people think that they can spot somebody with mental illness and whenever these.

Big celebrity people are committing suicide one of the first things you hear is oh so-and-so seems so happy you know I just saw so-and-so they seemed to be there seemed to be no issue.

So do you think maybe that’s one of the.

Biggest issues with getting them help it could be because as human beings we tend to want to put forth a happy face to other people it’s almost if you ask someone how are you it’s just a greeting they’re gonna say I’m fine thank you and you even though they may not be I think that as more awareness is is instilled on society and as we value.

As we do their physical health it would lead to people coming.


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