Okay so my name is Helena and you’ve probably seen my posters all over the park and fch don’t worry I haven’t forgotten my awk stores I’m running for disability and mental health experience officer 2018 at the University of Gloucestershire now I fully realized that some students would rather listen to me ramble in person and some students would listen.

To me ramble online so given my disabilities might mean I can’t go around running around after all of you all the time I’ve decided that I should introduce myself by YouTube so Who am I.

And what my most known for probably I am most known for my complex regional pain syndrome campaign whereby have appeared on national television talking about what needs to change with that and how it’s misunderstood I get a lot of comments.
Like it’s all in your head and a lot of people don’t know about.

It anyway that’s a different subject and I’m an education student and I’m a second year.

So I’ve got a year’s worth of university experience behind me I also study various things.

To do a disability as part of my course but I don’t think that necessarily means I fully understand something.

On that basis but a bit about me I passed my a-levels in 2015 and I also got diagnosed at that point with complex regional pain syndrome.

I went to Loughborough University and unfortunately the following Christmas I became really ill and I went from being really reactive but struggling the pain to bed bound so I took off me is out.

And that was really really difficult but that’s when I found myself and that’s when I figured out that raising awareness and helping people and particularly disability and changing the face of disability mental health well as a passion of mine so I came to uni of glass in September 2017 and I won’t lie first year it was really really difficult and that wasn’t because there weren’t the support services there and they weren’t the people supporting me it just my disabilities made it just.

Really really difficult and university regardless of how many times you do it is always gonna be overwhelming with a new place new things to do new people you’re just trying to.

Information so I think that kind of leads into my first aim I.

Want to mention with regards.

To my manifesto so yes we have brilliant support services here at the University of Lost sure if you know how to access them where to go who to ask who to inform it can be very very confusing and unless you.

Know from the outset what support your most lecture need it can be very daunting being thrown things that you.

That you might not either need or you don’t think you need and you’re too scared to ask for it so the other thing is.

A lot of students think oh I’m not to say without any mental health issues well at some point during your university career in your time at uni a class you are going to probably need something to do of mental health or disability.

Rather you’ve broken your leg or broken around which means you can’t do certain things in matches or you’re really overwhelmed and you’re having a bad time I’m struggling with anxiety or something like that you’re gonna need the support and you need to know where to go so one of the things that I want to do if you elect.

Me is to change that and get them to project one of the things I want them to do is produce a simple flow chart so that you’ve got if I’m in this situation I need to speak to this person or this team of people if I’m in that situation then I need to speak to my alright if I’m in this situation.

Be my tutor might be a better option and just have all the options clearly laid out in front of you with some basic basic ideas as to what those people can do for you not every problem is gonna fit in the same box.

But I’d much rather students actually knee and didn’t have this confusing muddle in their head as to who to go to and feel it really overwhelmed because that just isn’t gonna help matters so yeah I obviously having had previous experience new thing what I needed but even still second time around disabled Support Allowance Student Finance organizing it deadline extensions what does this universe to do what does that university do.

It was a nightmare and an added stress that to be honest is completely avoidable if the University Student Finance actually made it clear so that’s the boring part of my aims over really let’s move on to the more exciting stuff so my other aims revolve predominantly around one concept and that concept is community now there’s a great community atmosphere at uni applause amongst the campuses.

And like the sports teams when societies OBG TQ have made a really really good community now and I think it’s time that disability and mental health caught on to that because ultimately nothing’s gonna change we’ve just one person we need everyone to speak out on everyone to communicate in everyone to have their voice heard and to be honest if it’s just one person although not all of the voices are gonna get heard if we act together as a community where everyone is trying to.

Get something through then more views are gonna get hurt more points are coming it across we’re gonna get more.

Changes more people are gonna feel more secure and it’s just gonna be a lot more efficient otherwise whoever’s elected is going to have a lot of work and I think if we do that and give people a voice and they feel they can communicate with the community and get their points heard then I think in years to come we will have a lot more.

Students running for this position and maybe for other positions they wouldn’t necessarily have previously but not just in terms of having a voice in that respect if we have a community you have a group of people that you know you can talk.

To you that you can go to for help that you can go to a social web and know you’re not under pressure to drink you can go to that person or that.

Group of people and know they’re going to understand and they’re not going to judge and I think that’s what’s missing I think given how lonely it can be and how isolating it can be to be different to your peers and not be going out every glam and every blue and blue getting absolutely.

Off your head you know you don’t fit the student idea or whatever you want to call it then that can be you can you can work on quite lonely but I don’t think that’s necessary I think by forming a.


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