Hey everyone Anthony Fantana here Internet’s busiest music nerd hope you’re doing well can we can we talk about this can you talk about this for a moment right here Kendrick Lamar damn collector’s edition literally reverse tracklist up here on Apple music literally same album literally same everything just tracklist reversed for me this has kind of been one of.

The biggest music memes of 2017 that just just would not die and and listen.

I’ve done my share of advancement of this meme I get it so you know I can’t I can’t act like I’m not guilty in in complicity with this meme a little bit and honestly I can’t I can’t totally fault.

Kendrick on this I feel like him and his label have actually kind of made a smart business move on this thing and because they’ve given listeners they’ve given fans a reason to listen to the record all over again put it at the front of.

Apple music one of the biggest albums of the year I feel like this has the potential to even kind of throw the streams of the album up a bit once again putting it up higher on the charts once more because you get people oh whoa reversed it has meanings reverse that it doesn’t have when you play it.

Forward oh my god and they were actually bold enough to throw this thing back up on iTunes for 10 bucks $9.99 same album reverse order and it’s the collector’s edition what are you collecting the mp3s are you collecting the mp3s to this I can see maybe putting out a reversed version of the album physically and sort of doing a limited sort of edition version of that.

And you know that actually literally becomes a collector’s edition that could accrue value over time which would be neat which would be cool but to just literally throw the same digital album up on iTunes again reversed listen guys I feel like in response to this story about the album hey you could play it reverse there was supposed to be a second album is playing the album reversed is is that the second album I don’t subscribe to the theory I don’t and.
I still don’t even with Kendrick Lamar saying yeah.

Yeah sure you could you could play it backwards if you want it has like a different feel I guess I feel like a cynical dick I really feel like a cynical dick.

And I don’t want to feel like a cynical dick I feel like I’m not trying to go out of my way to be a cynical dick if I was I would certainly admit to that if I.

Was really trying to be the the biggest cynical dick in the world I would just come right out and admit that I would.

Just say hey guys I’m trolling I like to troll if you guys follow my social media you already know that I like to troll I throw fucking little pomp memes up.

There all the time because I know they piss people off even though I enjoy a little pomp quite a bit but I digress so I I still don’t subscribe to this and now that I hear the album in.

Reverse order which I did before but I guess now that it’s presented in front of me and I’m just kind of like literally listening to it all the way through thinking about every single track the album and this whole reverse order theory makes so much less sense to me duckworth to me only makes perfect sense as a closer that kind of wraps up the coincidence and the serendipity of all of these elements and all of these things that Kendrick raps about up until this point the song.

Sense as it’s not technically the closer the song blood is the closer but it’s the final song on the album which to me is a tone setter in that it’s aggressive it’s hard-hitting and it in a very surface.

Level way addresses a lot of the topics and a lot of the themes that you’re going to hear about later on the album not only that but blood to me is is such a moment of of introduction it’s.

Not really a moment of closure on the album it’s a moment of confusion it’s like a really weird surreal dream that Kendrick throws onto the listener that makes your mouth water.

Because you’re like what is this story what’s going on here like what exactly sort of is is happening I’m curious I want to know and it does end up being sort of like a something open to interpretation of core but I.

Feel like it’s it’s not a tie-up it’s not it’s not a moment of finality and I feel like and this is just a personal thing here but I don’t really enjoy listening to the album in.

A way where some of the most mellow and in my opinion the least gratifying tracks on the record because some of my least favorite tracks happen toward the end of the record some of these gratifying tracks on the record hit me first I much prefer the order where my favorite tracks are first the tracks I enjoy the.

Most are first and then I feel like I’ve kind of you know built up a bit of a high off of some of.

The catcher and more hard-hitting cuts from the record like element and.

Of course humble and of course DNA.

And then I’m ready for the album just kind of mellow out as many records often do so to me this record just.

Does not make sense backwards there’s nothing gained from this album backwards that you don’t get out of it forwards there’s barely a narrative to the record to begin with and nothing is truly revealed about the album listening to it backwards which is why even.

When Kendrick himself was talking about this all he could really say is that yeah you know it changes the vibe well sure I.

Mean rearranging the tracklist of nearly any album is going to change the vibe change the listening experience to the album and I feel like this this is certainly indicative of that in that at least of my personal experience the reverse order is so much less gratifying than the original order so yeah it does change the vibe to a less interesting vibe I guess yeah I.

I don’t I still don’t subscribe to the theory I still don’t believe the hype and to me this reads as by my album twice listen to.

My album over again get my label more streams which it’s a smart business move if somebody told me that I could make a bunch more views and money on YouTube putting up all of my video content over again but just like I don’t know reversing it or changing the color gradient or some shit like.

That I do that shit you know if I had to reload all of my videos in black and white like I would totally do that I would totally take a take that opportunity but um yeah.

I I don’t subscribe to it I don’t subscribe to the mean it’s it’s there there are a lot of memes I subscribe to not this one but let me know down in the comments.

If you feel like I’m being too much of a cynical dick over here next to my head is another video you can check out where you can click on the links to subscribe to the channel I’ll see you guys in the next one forever.


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