After getting engaged to her dream man in March Michelle Williams thought she had it all but as the former Destiny’s Child singer began planning her summer wedding the star fell into a deep depression that impacted all aspects of her life including her new engagement unbeknownst to fans the singer secretly broke off her engagement just weeks after Chad Johnson.

A year prior at a spiritual retreat popped the question though they quietly worked on their relationship for the next three months Williams again broke up with Johnson at the.

End of July hours before she.

To an LA area hospital days later she checked into a treatment facility related Michelle Williams is engaged how the Destiny’s Child star found love with pastor Chad Johnson I thought I was over depression I thought I’m good I’ve got love I’m working out the Entertainer 38 tells people exclusively in its latest issue but I was so angry the rage built up.

In me I did not attempt suicide but I was questioning life Williams first battled depression as a team and the mental illness was exacerbated during the height of her fame with Destiny’s Child when the familiar feelings.

Of hopelessness began settling back in.

This past spring the start brushed her demons under the rug to focus on her upcoming performance at Coachella alongside beyoncé and Kelly Rowland the entire year we were rehearsing every day for hours she says of their grueling schedule I was burying it and before you knew it I was.

Looking up out of the pit like oh my god for more on how Michelle Williams battled through depression to find lasting love with her fiance Chad Johnson pick up the latest issue of people on newsstands Friday but.

After their highly anticipated performance in April at the annual Music Festival Williams hit her breaking point I’d been there before in that darkness she says I was like no you better go to the hospital.
By the time I got there I was stable though she pushed Johnson to leave he.

As supportive as possible as she sought further treatment at a nearby facility I would have understood if he left says Williams he’s been praying for a wife he didn’t pray for a.

Depressed wife previously the team chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson finally had clarity about why their relationship had been suffering and just wanted his future wife to get healthy some of the things said and done were very hurtful says Johnson 41 but I was like I don’t even want to talk about what.

Happened get well and we can work on us later related Michelle Williams fiance.

Saved up 11 years for her engagement ring see the five carat stunner continuing to undergo individual and premarital counseling which will.

Be documented in their upcoming own reality show Chad loves Michelle premiere in November 3 at 9 p. EST the couple who are waiting until their wedding day to consummate their marriage are now back.

On track and looking forward to their future together people fall off the fitness wagon people fall of the Wellness Wagon but I can’t fall off the therapy wagon says Williams I have to.

Get healed to live this happy life adds the star it’s not just about marrying Chad I finally found someone.


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