Hi my name is Priscilla H and this is my story for about two years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety after a work-related follow on the job trauma something that happened that changed my life forever dealing with depression and anxiety and panic attacks Wow so at the beginning of this journey I was suicidal I.
Found myself in a place where I.

Was literally planning my death I’m going to take these pills I’m going to go to this hotel I.
Am going to kill myself and it that’s a little emotional for.

Because that was really a vulnerable moment I had one person in the world that really really she really cared about me she really saved me so I didn’t go to that hotel I didn’t try to kill myself but I thought about it I premeditated my own death for show moving forward dealing with this I seen a doctor who started seeing a psychologist started going to sessions speaking about my mental health issues.

That was happening that I’m still currently having that I’m still trying to still learn how to manage so it.

Is a journey and not every person with depression anxiety PTSD you know borderlines disorder not everybody is the same one of the biggest misconceptions Asians about mental health illnesses that were all the same than we can all be treated the same and that’s not true some people take.

Medication some people don’t have to not just working out and eating the right diet works for everybody what might work for me might not work for somebody else our triggers are.

Definitely different some people will remember something that’ll just throw them off some people something traumatic happens in their lives some people the weather just changes it’s so different for different people in my community in my culture there’s still a big stigma about mental health and we need to get rid of that statement you know people if people.

Are hurting people don’t want to be here anymore people are deciding do I get up this morning or do i dock our children are hurting our.

Loved ones are hurting our friends are hurting we need to stop the stigma go you’re okay you’ll be fine just change your mindset just do this just do that it’ll work no some people need actual help some people need more than diet and exercise some.

People need medication some people need to be loved some people need to feel supported we need to do a better job at supporting our people that are suffering mental.

Health illnesses we need to stop the statement I hope shared my story inspired others to share their stories and I hope that you check out all your.

Loved one family members like and share my video bye.



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