So follow the light if you sign up bearing today which is if he upgrades at any point ever it would never manage the days of would she bring somebody in is a highest level making it double upgrade within your system Emma I’ve run in 100 people had two fitted out 11 right they went up to my sponsor when.

He became a thousand dollar commission $2,000 commission by our own commission 10,000 commission I watched myself lose another grin just as I.

Was gonna need I love him like even though I’ve sent bad traffic I make my for grander than $50 level get him Sam got money all on the back right if I paid $1,000 for the.

Veterinary buddy looking how how hard we love it what’s the banking money look like it’s not about to admit this is the mo uh you spend money at the 2500 eye level to be able to resell their products just like Chad run around the world and do don’t nobody got no 2500.

Out of product that they spent one time and they get to sell over and over again they got their baby they keep going and get.
It they only make it three miles off with a.

Big big flip they not making enough off the top hey how you doing today guys it’s chattering to hear and I’m super super excited to be able to share.

My life story with you how I was able to go from we focus okay I came from nothing give me my respects yeah yeah yackin in the mirror like what’s next it’s time to take the steps adem├ís gang respect.


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