So I just finished yoga me and my mom went to the 10:00 a.

class and it was super hot and sweaty in there and thank God there were no men so I was able to like just take off my job and just be free it just got home I ran a few errands I had to go by the.
Post office and everything so now it is almost 12 o’clock now.

So it’s kind of late in the day I haven’t eaten anything except a piece of toast.

This morning so I’m gonna make myself a smoothie I’m gonna get dressed and then I’m gonna go into the grocery store I’m gonna show you guys what I get from the grocery store and I’m going to show you guys when I’m gonna meal prep for the rest of the speak so I usually prep on Saturdays because we work.
On Sunday Omar I was telling me the other day.

Like Lena I know that you like meal prep once a week but that only lasts us like half the week and then the rest of the week keeps starving and I feel like I’m not being a good wife so yeah we’re gonna have to up the cooking game.

I think he’s gonna help me too so it’s not just gonna be me so I make this movie all the time on my.

Insta story you guys probably have already seen this cuz I’ve been drinking this for years but it could happen basically what it is just like a chocolate peanut butter smoothie it has banana almond milk some raw cacao powder some peanut.
Butter and then I’m also gonna add in a packet of my.

Collagen peptides this is just really good for a hair skin and nails and joints this is by vital proteins I really really love this stuff it does doesn’t taste like anything.

So you could literally just put it in your water but I just pinned it my smoothie I’m gonna actually go and blend this up and I like a background because my still sleeping he worthless I and I do not want to wake him up okay I feel so much better I took a shower put some makeup on I got dressed let me show you guys what I’m.

Wearing okay so this is what I’m wearing today I’m.

Wearing this vest that I got last year from Zara it’s literally been on repeat like since last year it’s just the perfect like transition piece and I’m wearing this embroidered blouse that I got from H&M recently I absolutely love the sleeves on these and then some jeans that I got from forever 21 so long ago they’re like literally my favorite jeans because they’re high-waisted and I cut off the bottoms they were.

Like cropped flared jeans and my job is the hot ajob Jersey and a light mink it’s just like my favorite go to daytime comfy good job so we’re gonna.

Run to the grocery store I’m gonna get some stuff to make like what I call power ball’s basically gonna have like lots of.

Protein quinoa and veggies and stuff it’s like one of my favorite things to make I haven’t made it in a really long time actually so I’m excited to make that and I want to go by Lowe’s or Home Depot or just somewhere that sells plants because I really want to find like a big.

Plant it should go in my house if I can’t.

Find one I think we’re going to Ikea this weekend and hopefully I can find one there but I wanted a live plant I’m gonna see if I can keep it alive I have this fake one back there that I love that I got from Ikea but I want like.


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