Naked yoga it was almost like a call all of a sudden I decided to create the event it’s more about the energy that we carry inside and outside and the energy that flows into this seven chakras of our body and is to go back again to who we really are completely vulnerable naked completely accepting our bodies as well.
As our mind naked in a sense of dream racing the inner child come back to.

Our inner child and really start feeling the breath inside our bodies recognized we came to the planet.

Naked we come out of a woman naked there’s no shame in being naked I mean with it we’re not carrying any sexual meaning into this yoga native class and to me is a way of life this.

Is my mission my purpose in life to really help people and as well as myself to grow into this discovering of our own worlds inside outside.
Real warriors of life Yoga is for everyone so even for those.

Of you think you’re just a beginner not feeling sure just let go of that fault because we.

Start from Ground Zero and my classes are very suitable for all levels there’s always a variety of the same as a now exercise of it so I can suit different capabilities and again there’s no competition it’s all about life life is not competitive we should really let God for competition that society sometimes really brings so strong event.

Which is coming up on the tempo November the apple tree in Clerkenwell arch I said well fancy if you want to join me you you.


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