It’s good fitness time are you ready let’s do it next one is wall said so let me hit the wall count one two three alright fine I’ll count six seven eight okay we’re done what’s the next one cringes just move forward and and girl and down up and down every day okay this one on your arms your arms.

There you go blink I’m glad because I saw them again okay yes side plank all right yeah I’m gonna put all my weight on my arm end it up sideways wait one more thing come here don’t touch me.

Can we do it this way this way this way you back out good job you get back up good job do one more good job you did you did a couple here we.

Go okay so it’s good over please to again now down and up hey you did it good bro 13 14 15 16 17 oh look miss 18 19 20 okay last one let’s do this one shoulders.

Up and down and and all right dips push-ups we got a girl okay was it hard no yeah now do your thumbs up good great girl wait excellent excellent job.


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