Hi guys all right I hope you’re right we’re right here it’s Monday today I’ve been to the gym this morning I’ve been to the GP is to sort out my new supply of tecfidera that’s EMS medicine I’m um and I’ve also seen their night nurse mmm SWA joondalup to have my yearly assessment and make sure everything’s he older.

So I’ve been all over busy busy this morning the reason I want to put on a video today is I wanted to let you know that I have been to an NDIS introduction it was last week.

At my local library in clarkson it was very informative and I want to show you what NDIS is all about it’s a service that some within Australia and within w.
a which is Western Australia where I am so the.

NDIS provides funding for a full range of personalized services it’s a new thing in this suburb therefore.

It’s been rolling out for a couple of years but it’s coming here and I want to tell you what what NDIS is all about NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme it’s a government funded program that.

Enables people living with permanent disability to take part in everyday activities this includes people with all neurological conditions so that’s that falls under the MS category and what the NDIS I’m reading it from their pamphlet this includes assistance with personal care home help and shopping occupational therapy physiotherapy counseling and speech therapy recreation and community participation carer respite services.

And then aides and equipment vehicle and home modifications I was given a information pack and goodies in my bag was a stressful a little highlighter pen pack and I.

Got the mighty she’s nice so obviously going to see.

If I qualify I have to register and then we’ll see if I’m well I do meet the eligibility criteria so therefore watch the space.

I’ll let you know and thanks for watching if you like this video give us a thumbs up share comment below don’t hesitate if you want any information don’t hesitate to get in touch I’ll leave my details below subscribe and then you’ll get notified of future videos and we look forward to seeing you soon take care thanks for watching bye.


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