Yo guys check this out I’m vlogging with an actual like vlogging camera like do I like never do this it’s always people filming for me but I’m like vlogging this is so cool but yo we’re here at caste Campbell’s house that’s kinda normal he’s so famous I’m honored to be in his presence we’re just here we’re gonna hang.

Out maybe film some stuff pants pockets are inside you gotta take those out too this is my style man because I don’t work out legs that much I have.

To accentuate the gluts speaking of fashion you guys will have already seen this video the fashion video but we have to go wake up semi because he is editing it for me and we’re gonna work on it together and finish it today what time is it dude that’s about 12:00 it’s freakin 12:00 and he’s sleeping so Cassie is gonna go get the air horn and then we need some rebellion man.

Will get you absolutely lit no matter how tired you are alright so I guess it’s not an airhorn it’s a.

It’s a speaker but it’ll do the job man the door is locked what is.

Cindy doing in there man why does he lock his door what is that it’s rebellion be warned it’s kind of crazy it’s kind of lit oh.

Thanks Connor I really needed that now I’m gonna make soup alright guys so we’re about to work.

On the video so Sammy’s actually been editing and filming.

My video but unfortunately this will be the last video that’s any edits there just to cringey for him the cringe just keeps him up at night yeah man check this out behind the scenes of a Connor.

Murphy video production yo dude what are you doing what are you doing is this you’re putting on makeup right now yeah I’m not sure what Cassie was doing like we were just about to go grab a bite to eat and like that was it so I’m not sure what.

Kidding guys so Cassidy is doing an emo video and he’s getting his emo character ready alright Cassie I want to see the final product good dude this dude looks like a different person look at him.

This dude is absolutely crazy literally thinks that pranksters can just go in random places and like get away without he anything he thinks that if I took off my shirt and started doing push-ups in the middle of Walmart that no one would say anything that like just nothing would happen I do not agree I think that I would get kicked out let’s make a bet alright so I bet you know I bet you something.

Will definitely say something like so how about if I win then.

During your email video I get to paint you in front of the girls okay if you win.

Let ten girls get you labs you’re sweet – this time fair not actually make a good thumbnail.

All right shake on it this guy’s how long do I do it for one minute but that was made one set of push-ups and I guarantee you someone else the best part to the fries you nobody give the shit it’s been like you don’t think you’re so sad well I guess that means thank you Cassie won the bet let’s go.

Let’s go find a bad mood all right guys I guess we’re.

Gonna get this bet I can feel the pain already the watermelon red one they have the red one Oh yo what is up guys so we are here at San Diego State University and you might be asking Connor why are you walking backwards well because the.

Sun is that way an approaching man for the best lighting you always have to be facing the Sun take some skill man you have to have expert agility I would.

Not suggest that everyone try this but there’s this pretty little light festival going on with all these different food places.

Little cheeto meal right here I’m actually doing this cool like it’s a different type of cyclical keto diet alright has my own.

Twist to it where I actually carve up like every third day instead of just on the weekends I’m actually going to be coming out with a program with this soon if you guys are interested click the link in the description.

Hi guys so as you know last prank I filmed.

Cassidy completely pranked me.

Like he got me good so I feel like I have to get him back this time so Cassie is doing a prank right now at the other end of library and I’m about to go find some other girls and.

Get them in on the prank alright let’s see what happen excuse me girls we can’t guys be interested in helping me pull a prank on my friend my friend is like this YouTube prankster and he’s gonna he’s like it dresses it’s like a male character until it’s trying to act weird like the.

Reaction on you right and he’ll like probably sit down right there and Aulus you will have to do is be like excuse me but I have a boyfriend and his name.

Is Connor Murphy I promise it’ll be funny so you can you do that thank you I’ll probably be over in a couple minutes do you see those three girls on the desk I see them all right anyone name just start talking to them yeah that sounds good don’t have that camera oh we ran all put it down.

Yeah sounds good do let’s get it yes you go sit up now I’ll sit.

Back here hey what’s your name Hey Augustus if you were C I would swimming you forever okay okay weren’t you are you serious oh yes yeah professional what you want to do my okay one more conor’s out of breath he’s winded great just for his mom to watch No people are lighting up down to him Connor seal Fraulein hey do.

You want to hit him with a bat oh we’re done I know you’re.


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