Oby came to me six years ago after I read about his story on a Facebook page that I followed it was a plea for help that a family member wrote to get him out of his current situation his feet hadn’t touched the ground for at least eight months at that point because they were physically unable to pick him.

Up and get him outside it was a pretty desperate situation so I was one of the first people to read that plea for help and I said we’ll all take him so Obie pretty much stayed to one room in my.
House and it was the closest to the back door so I could drag him out on a.

Him outside to go potty physically Opie wasn’t able to really interact put together not expand he wanted to so you could tell.

That he was really just kind of keep an eye on the other dogs and me him wanting to see what I was doing and what the other dogs were doing kind of encouraged him to get up and move so that was great I think.

He was a little sad not being able to interact says he became able to interact with him more he was happier and more animated I used to take him.

A bit of hikes or really hikes for him they were just.

Gonna walks in the forest and he really enjoyed that these days he’s able to do pretty much anything the other dogs can do.

I just have one step so he can get on the couch by himself I have stairs so he can get in the bed by himself yeah he’s.

Pretty active living a normal dog life these days he’s slowing down a little bit because he’s 12 now but he’s still a happy dog still it’ll just slowing down a little bit he’s inspired them to lose weight and he’s inspired them to help their dogs lose weight and he’s brought.

A lot of awareness to obesity in pets because he’s so happy and he’s so animated and so easygoing people I’ve really just I mean he’s a special little dog and I think he has a really special story that I think it says personality that people are really drawn to.


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