Hey everybody and welcome to the land all my fellow loungers chillers are smaller sand grillers alright guys so this is something different than what we’ve done in the past it looks like it’s said to be a reaction video but we’re doing a retrospective instead yeah because there’s a lot well there’s a lot of circumstances what yeah we don’t.

Know that if Michael’s channel is has a network as a network and if it does then it’s just gonna.

Get demonetized on our end yeah networks are like piranhas yeah cuz it happened with Lance Stewart’s video they claims one of our videos and took.

All the money from it for a 50 second 50 seconds 50 seconds which of a clip wasn’t even ten percent and what it is is that he used it in his video so their network sees that and goes right after right and.

Since we don’t we didn’t know for sure whether anything that was used in Jesse’s video was also used in kid minor cameras except for the guy oh we did we did see we did see.

The was it the thumbnail that yeah boy after like for this Jesse had yeah that Michael had.

Was exactly it was it from that video from Jesse’s video without a doubt so we don’t even want to take a chance with it so it plus there were some other things like we knew we noticed that there’s the monetization going on like if you show shirtless yeah cuz they.

You know that the computer the box that they have that are looking at these videos can’t distinguish it sees a nipple it’s going to automatically to monetize it that’s right just how it is it’s how YouTube is now so you know you.

Got to play by their rules it’s their game yes and unfortunately Jesse decided to show that again basically violate.
All those rules yeah and you know what his art medium I can’t tell him.

How he wants to do things yeah plus he also he has a YouTube representative that he can call talk to they can take they can get it back a lot faster we got to.

Do the right we have to play by the rules didn’t due process you know where you gotta ask for a review and it takes three.

Days afterwards that you find out that way today alright here you go and yeah when the views aren’t coming any more that’s when they decide that they’re gonna review it so if you know yeah that’s just how it is so we decided we’re gonna talk about the video a little bit umm yeah first of all first of all why it was very painful video the one yes it was.

I didn’t like it in the least bit so it’s kind of kind of good that we’re not yeah doing the reaction on it but uh I just didn’t understand it’s like you don’t go over.

Somebody’s house not invited for one right which that’s already a big enough thing like it and plus it’s one thing to show up uninvited just to be like hey how you doing I’m just here as I was in the neighborhood second just be like oh well this is a nice surprise I glad you’re here so you don’t get me here for a few hours probably does it by the sound of it so we’ll just.

Out chat a little bit maybe I’ll get like a yeah but that’s not how it is it’s instead hey what’s up I’m just.

In the neighborhood and I’m staying at your house for the next yeah I need a place to meet indefinitely and then not just that with what’s more than that can you imagine you’re not just showing up to a place uninvited you’re showing up with somebody else robbed right so it’s not even just you.
Now you’re bringing an annoying camera man and I say annoying because I you.

Know I’ve said it before Swift is good kid but there’s a lot of.

Things about him that annoy me and a lot know a.

Lot other people it’s like you know like the smoke bomb kind of thing it’s like he does things that can just get under your.

Skin like trying to pull somebody into.

A pool yeah in this video he tries to I mean he just meets Michael Michaels like go for a.

Handshake how you doing oops and it’s like I was telling Tom we did it on the reaction video but I was saying how suppose Michael hide.

His wallet or or his phone in his outfit and and Swift’s gonna just pull me I mean without a doubt the phone be ruined yeah and if you don’t have insurance on Connor even if you have insurance on the phone it doesn’t really matter because you still have to pay a certain fee so and why well of course Swift would have had the paper would Swift pay cuz this.

With her money Swift has money to pay it so it’s like what are.

You thinking you don’t go to somebody’s house and you’re gonna be like a jerk and try to pull him into the pool if he doesn’t want to go and pull he had his sneakers along too yeah you know like my sneakers.

If it was me right my sneakers have caused me $200 and over sometimes right in which my personal feelings it’s a little ridiculous right based on $1 for shoes but that’s how I do my dollar pair will work just as well that’s how you are but.

That’s not how I am I like I like good sneakers and you know I always wear Nikes and Jordans are my favorite and if there’s a certain comfortable pair that comes out I’m paying the money for it that’s just how I am however I if somebody pulled my butt in the pool when my Jordans on there’s gonna be there’s gonna be trouble there could.

Be lots of trouble but that’s what I’m saying it’s like you don’t just go over somebody’s.

House and be ignorant like that to him then they of course that’s it oh my god it’s not fake actually the second item on the list person was just showing up like that anyway just showing up exactly no wait it’s not even just showing up they show up and without permission they go in their pool yeah and.

They put food in plastic bags in the pool which I still don’t even understand that yeah.

But I mean ok refrigeration slightly but at that point I was like why are you bringing all this food to somebody else’s house you don’t even.

Know if they’re actually go like yeah baby there.

Yeah you don’t even ask you’re just like hey we’re here and we brought our own food because I was playing guess what they both have phones what a little bit communication has gone a long way there and.

Guess what I also didn’t just bring food I want to try to make you eat my food yeah which is even.

Insane which I don’t get I don’t understand that at all and then anything no and I’m saying like Jesse comes across so holier-than-thou with the workout and the.


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