Hello everyone welcome or welcome back I’m Melanie cake love and today’s video is about my new jeans which I picked up and I wanted to talk to you about the significance of purchasing these jeans because it is more than just a pair of new jeans these new jeans signifies to me my hard work that has gone into sculpting.

My body to what it is today it also encompasses my self-love practices if you have not watched my video my self life practices I’ll link it right here I highly recommend that you watch it because I.

Believe that love heals all blockages regardless of which area of your life if you love who you are you nourish your body with the right foods that make you feel good which then also links into my intuitive eating and I eat in accordance to season price basically.

Just what makes me feel good and it’s a truly beautiful thing I also make loving toy choices for myself in regards to my mental.
State by meditating that’s why.

I have released my meditation.

Series on my channel this is something I’m truly passionate about and in regards to my my vision boards I have pictures of what I want to look.

Like I don’t have a set weight that I want to be.

Know because I don’t I haven’t weighed myself in ages I chucked out my scales I made a video about that probably like over a year and a half ago the last time I got weighed was not by my request it was when I was in hospital so I roughly know my weight but I can always soon tell my weight by how.

I’m feeling Fitness is another thing that I have fallen in love with this year and it’s also attributed to my very motivating and inspirational partner Peter can fight him on Instagram Peter led and he also has a YouTube channel where he posts.

Workout videos to help lift your button he’s absolutely amazing anyway he’s a vegan athlete so he has inspired me in to reform and Pilates this was something I thought was like a little thing because.
I never liked mat Pilates I never got results I.

Just thought it was crap but well former Pilates is amazing it uses your own body weight to help sculpt you and I’ve never had so much.

Pain and burning in a workout and when you feel the burn then that’s when you know you’re on to truly something into something truly beautiful I’ve also fallen in love with yoga you guys.

Would know that I’ve got a membership and unlimited membership so I pay a certain amount.
A week and I can go as many times as I want.

And I absolutely love it so they’re my two main Fitness things I have over this past.

Six months fall in love with I have so many things that I love and I find it hard to structure it in but my two main at the moment are reformer Pilates and yoga I also love swimming I love cycling but if you’ve been following me for.

Have a bit of anxiety over cycling which I haven’t gotten over yet I haven’t made that a priority for me but I need to soon because that mini triathlon is in September and running is something that I used to love like years ago and I want to find the love for it again so basically it’s like a holistic approach I’ve basically made loving choices holistically in.


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