They’re good people it’s Khadija aka the oily geek and I’m coming to you today to talk to you about antioxidants and speech delay so what are antioxidants well antioxidants protect ourselves from free radicals caused by toxins oh you want me to do it over hi guys watching Peppa Pig yes my child is English okay he totally blew me.

Off okay so free radicals are caused by exposure to toxins so a toxic.

Environment stop Aiden stop so I’ve gone over the toxins ad nauseam the cleaning supplies our personal.

Care products heavy metals okay stop stop so if if the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to handle the free radicals then it causes the body to have oxidative stress and oxidative stress has been linked to.

Developmental delays as well as neurological disorders we.

Had Eden’s blood tested and he had absolutely no antioxidants whatsoever and the most important antioxidant of all glutathione he had zero if you have seen any of my.

Previous videos I’ve talked about how tylenol actually sucks the pleats dodol glutathione from the body and that no one should be using tylenol so it makes me really sad to think that.

I used to use that in my child has absolutely no antioxidants in his body so we are on a mission to up the antioxidants in the Ayden’s body so what am i doing he is drinking ninja red every single day and ensure red is.

Livings probably most popular supplements it is a powerhouse of antioxidants the ninja berry is from China and it is similar to a goji berry in terms.

Of antioxidants and he loves how it tastes so it’s super easy to get him to drink this so he drinks this every day as well as super C vitamin C is super important and these are pretty easy for him to take and they taste good he’s excited about taking supplements because.

He thinks they’re candy because.

He doesn’t get actual candy like.

Yes candy so yeah that is what we are doing to up the antioxidants in his blood that’s tart to up the antioxidants in his blood and I.
Will let you guys know how that is doing so if anyone.

Has any questions concerns comments you know as always I love to hear from you and as usual like subscribe and share share share.


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