While many men require testosterone replacement therapy to restore youthful testosterone levels most men can experience significant benefits from changes in lifestyle bioidentical testosterone is safer than ever but there’s still no reason to start a prescription drug regimen when making smart – life choices can have marked effects on wellness without the potential side-effects or inevitable bills as guys get.

Older beginning in the late 20s testosterone levels start to fall at a slow but consistent rate of around one to two percent annually luckily at.

Its masculine peak the human body produces far more testosterone than it needs to support healthy and normal function so basically the male body has a maximum level of testosterone that it can produce at any given age there are various factors which can suppress testosterone production leading to issues such as low sex drive lack of energy depression and poor metabolism by adjusting your lifestyle you can bring your body closer and closer.

To that testosterone max that helps preserve and bolster health manhood and masculinity one of the most potent factors which affect your free.

In total testosterone is body fat adipose fat cells have an ester izing effect on testosterone meaning that they convert testosterone into estrogen which can have adverse.

Effects on health and sapped testosterone levels among overweight and obese men by losing weight you can restore healthier hormone balance while having a pint of beer for dinner or going out on the town occasionally won’t have a severe effect on your testosterone production chronic moderate to heavy alcohol consumption can drain testosterone levels and even potentially ruin your sexual encounters men have trouble maintaining.
Erections and achieving orgasm.

When drunk and this only becomes more severe when you drink heavily countless relationships have failed because men can’t control their alcohol consumption strong levels are dependent upon getting enough.

Sleep guys produce the most testosterone during REM sleep sleep deprivation even for a single night leads to lower circulating testosterone this drop in testosterone is also an issue in young.

Men getting less than five hours of sleep per night has a disastrous effect on testosterone levels as an aside men with trouble sleeping combined with sexual issues should visit a sleep doctor.

Because sleep apnea is a significant contributor to erectile dysfunction and low tee one of the most effective ways to shore up.

Your testosterone secretion is to engage in weightlifting or other forms.

Of anaerobic exercise the body produces testosterone in response to vigorous physical activity by pushing your muscles to the limit you encourage the increased release of both testosterone.

And human growth hormone by the testes and pituitary gland respectively it helps to focus.

On exercises which stimulate large muscle groups because the more muscle mass that you activate the larger the return on investment men by their nature have a competitive streak engaging in this desire to win actually has profoundly beneficial effects.

On testosterone levels athletic competition provides double benefits because you get the benefits of a workout while engaging your desire.


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