I’ve got one of my best friends here with me in my kitchen today it’s Turek it’s the number one anti-inflammatory food amazing spice called tumeric tumeric tumeric the spice is just really amazing a natural herb that has been around for centuries turmeric yes people who are just taking the turmeric dramatic decreases in both joint inflammation and disease activity.

With zero side effects the beauty and health benefits of this miracle product telluric listen.

Cathy hi my name is kimberly scott author of secrets of turmeric a book that teaches you everything there.

Is to know about turmeric this is my ebook and it’s packed with information on turmeric including all the health benefits and amazing uses for things like anti inflammatory allergy relief natural beauty treatment for acne wrinkles weight loss and so much more before I tell you more about what’s in the book here are some important information on turmeric that you should know about turmeric is a bright yellow.

Spice plant with a scientific name Curcuma longa it is a perennial plant in the ginger.

Family it grows about five to six feet high has a trumpet.

Shaped dull yellow flower tough brown skin and a deep orange flesh turmeric has a fragrant aroma and a bitter slightly sharp taste it grows in many tropical regions but the majority has grown in India where it is used in curry the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin found in the roots and bulbs turmeric has been used for thousands of years in area Vedic and traditional Chinese medicine a growing.


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