Squats are squats right wrong in just a few seconds I’m gonna show you some long-forgotten gems like the deserter squad that will challenge your legs in ways you never thought possible if you’re serious about your leg game this is a video you don’t want to miss Jordan wheeler here from blue stone nutriceuticals and today I’m sharing some long-lost.

Can add to any leg day for drastic and immediate results ready to find out what that search or squad is all about this is ain’t crazy squat variations let’s get to it as always the complete breakdown.

Of these exercises will be listed for you in the description below squat variation one belt squat if you’ve been squatting for a long time like most guys you’ve likely been stuck with.

Back pain once or twice along your fitness journey adding in belt squats may just be your saving grace with this squat variation instead of loading the.

Weight on your back and compressing your spine the weight is loaded on your hips and helps to.

Traction your spine to help.

Relieve compressing forces and discomfort in the spine this is a must for any athlete and anyone who suffers from back pain when squatting here at bluestar nutraceuticals we’re fortunate enough to have a Westside barbell belt squat machine but this same exercise.

Can be mimicked with the dip belt some plates or a cable machine and some raised platforms squat variation to power squat this is an amazing squat variation for increasing explosive power and hip drive for any athlete especially in contact sports.

Like football or rugby the power squat machine allows you to get full range of motion squad while.

Keeping your hips back torso more upright this allows you to keep.

Your knees back in line with your ankles rather than way in front of your toes.

Which can help eliminate knee paint with squatting while still building some.

Massive thighs squat variation 3 front squat this is another very common squat variation you’ve likely seen before it more directly involves the quads you can perform the front squat with either a hook grip with your arms.

In line with your shoulders or a cross neck rip with your arms across your chest supporting the weight on your front delts with.

To maintain a more upright torso position in order to balance the weight and thus it’s more taxing on the core and the quads than a traditional back squat just remember to still brace the core keep the knees out and explode up from the bottom like a regular back squat squat variation for Zurcher squat this is one of my favorites it’s an old-school very creation that can pack on some serious total body mass in fact this is the only squat that can.

Actually help directly build your biceps the set up is a bit uncomfortable at first you want.

To hook your arms under the bar place the bar in the crook of your elbow as if you were carrying a bundle of two by fours or some logs then you perform practically the same movement as a front squat because the bar is lower and you have to support it with your arms.

It forces your biceps into an isometric contraction throughout the whole exercise try these out and you’ll feel your legs core and arms thrashed by the end squat variation number five goblet squat this is a great beginner friendly squat variation to.

Help teach proper squat form and depth to set up you grab a kettlebell dumbbell or fat though and hold it against.

Your chest then as you squat down you want to go all the way down keeping your knees on the outside of your elbows and torso this helps teach proper alignment of.

And makes it easier to get lower in the squat for a complete range of motion to make it a little more advanced and harder on the core you can extend your arms all the way out in front of.

You as you descend to the bottom of the squat and pull it back in as you raise back up squat variation number six split squat this unilateral movement is.

Great for even development of both legs this can be performed flat on the ground or with your back leg raised on a bench essentially you will position your legs in a lunge position and then lower and raise yourself straight back up being sure to drive through.

The heel of the front leg you can do this with the barbell on your back or dumbbells at your sides just remember the back leg is only there to help you keep balance you should be doing all the work with the front leg and switch legs halfway through the set so each leg gets an even amount of work every set squat variation number seven pack.

Can be performed on a hack squat machine but I prefer the old-school barbell version as forces you to stabilize the core much more.

To set up place a loaded barbell behind your legs and perform the exact same movement as a deadlift so the bar comes up along the back of your legs instead of your shins this might take some getting used to but once you’ve got it down you’ll feel a burn in the quants like no other from this one.

Squat variation number eight sissy squat finally we made it to the eighth and final squat variation the sissy.

Squat this is a classic that helped guys like tom platt in the title the quadfather for.

This squat variation you don’t need much weight for most guys your body weight will be plenty for this exercise all you need is a bar or a rack to hold on to place your feet shoulder width apart brace to your core and bend the knees forward as you lean your torso back your body should form a straight.

Line from your head to your knees and your upper body should end about 45 degrees to the floor then squeeze the quads and drive yourself back up add this in as a Quandt.

Finisher at the end of your leg workout and your quads will be toast there you have it add these eight squat variations into your training tool belt and you’ll never have a dull.

Leg day again Bluestar nutraceuticals provides the products and knowledge you need to help you reach.

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