All right so I recently got a comment from nation’ Klein and he says dude that front lever is so sick you would be the man if you taught us that so that’s what I’m gonna do today so the front lever was one of the movements that I learned first when I started calisthenics I just thought it looked so.

Cool with your body like defying gravity like that and it’s also a really great strength building exercise.

And especially the progressions that get you to it are really great to be doing anyway so you get to learn a cool skill but you also get stronger at the same time.

So this is really one of those movements where you want to take time and learn it correctly like if you just start jumping in to front leavers and just like swinging with your momentum and trying to get yourself there you’ll have a really hard time learning it like that and it’ll take you.

Way too long so I have some tips and some progressions that you can go through that’ll definitely help you get it quicker I’m not gonna put a certain amount of reps or sets down or amount of time that you have to be doing these for because it’s gonna differ for everybody you just want to be giving this constant attention do these a few times a.

Week and then when that progression.

Or that movement gets easy move to something more difficult so with the thread leaver you really want your arms to be totally straight and your body parallel to the ground and there.

Are two areas that you need to focus on to get there and that is straight arm strength and core strength so to work on straight arm strength you can do a few different movements and one of them being the ice cream maker so go into a pull-up position straighten out your body so that you’re parallel with the ground trying to just barely lock out those arms so if this is too difficult you can always do a single leg variation or you could do.

A fully tucked variation as well so if you wanted to you can also do these as a drop set starting with the most difficult variation and then making it.

Easier as you get tired so with whatever variation you’re doing make sure that you focus on locking those arms out when you get to the bottom of the movement this is really important something I neglected when I first started and it’s been pretty hard to correct so the next.

One isn’t necessarily a sexy one or glamorous but it is so crucial and it’s the tucked hold so this one you want to make sure your public bow is high the back is flat and your arms are straight remember you might be stuck on this one for.

A while so get comfortable with it get used to it learn it love it live it so you don’t want to do this let your butt sag at all that will not help you you want to make sure that you can keep your hips nice and high like.

This so once you start getting more comfortable holding your arms straight getting your back nice and flat parallel with the ground and your hips high then you can start to extend one leg and this will make it a.

Lot more difficult and remembering to keep your arms straight and your hips high without arching your back and then once those start to get easier you can try and start doing some front pulls and see how that feels try and stall it at the top for a little bit if you can so these hanging exercises are great but as many of you guys know especially.

When you’re starting out with calisthenics your grip strength gets tired so here’s a few different movements that you can do on the ground that will help you progress towards that front either so this is the dragon flag and I’m.

Sure you guys know this one there’s lots of tutorials online how to get this I think I even have one and you could do easier variations just like with the front lever holds you can do like one-legged or.

Tucked variations if you’re not quite there yet and then there is this one so this is one I neglected when I started and now I’m paying for it so learn it early there’s the hollow hole to start by laying flat on the ground make sure the curve of your back is pressed into the ground keep your stomach drawn in toes.

Pointed and arms overhead slowly lift your shoulder blades and legs off the ground while keeping the lower back planted you can get your shoulder blades higher than me do it this one’s really tough for me like I said.

I definitely neglected it this will help with so many more advanced movements so definitely work.

On it like I need to be alright so I hope that’s helped you guys out definitely like this video if it has leave the comments in the comments down below thank.

You all so much for watching appreciate your time are you cooking on this video definitely subscribe to see more from me peace you.


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